Yarotanji Sample

Yarotanji watched the slender, red headed man move through the shadows, and licked his lips. Asrayan was a work of art in motion, each movement precise and yet flowing, a contradiction like the man himself. Ji couldn’t help wondering, yet again, if Rayan brought that same precise, flowing skill to fucking. Not that Ji was ever likely to find out. Rayan had made his distaste for the idea, and Ji, painfully obvious.
It was surprising that they worked so well together, when Asrayan seemed to disapprove of everything about Ji outside of work. But they had been working together successfully for three years now.
Ji stifled a sigh and followed his partner. He was supposed to be watching Rayan’s back not Rayan’s ass. Their current mission was to check out a warehouse near the secondary port of Vartan, here on Mrimi. It was a low risk, low priority assignment that they had received almost by default just because they happened to be on the planet. They were one of the Peace Keeper Task Force’s elite teams, and this was a routine task that would usually be assigned to a rookie team.
Ji tried to convince himself that it was a pleasant change of pace from their usual high risk missions. A simple enter and search with no one shooting at them, just a walk in the park really, only parks were much more attractive than this shabby district.
Vartan’s portside warehouse district looked much like any other portside warehouse district on any of the other planets he had visited. It was depressingly like where he had grown up; just a few streets away the bars and flophouses clung together, jittering into life as the sun set. The accents were a little different, the mix of drugs not quite the same, but it reminded him of his childhood on Canidan. No matter how far he ran, he always seemed to end up back where he had run from.

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