Nice: The Joy of Christmas Shopping Sample

I have asked Keith out and he has accepted. We’ve been to movies, which he loves no matter what the subject is. We’ve attended sports of several different varieties, with mixed success. We’ve gone to concerts by bands, orchestras and solo artists. We’ve even tried opera.

I just don’t know how to make any of these activities into a date rather than friends ‘doing stuff together’. I suppose I could just kiss him on the mouth. I’m fairly sure that would be an unmistakable statement of intent. It could also be the end of our friendship.

“Hey, David? Have you ever been to a real live sex shop?”

He looks flustered and maybe even a little bit flushed. David Morton can blush? Amazing. I have to go through with this now. If he’s blushing at just the thought of sex toys, what will happen if I drag him into a shop full of them? I can’t resist.

“Well?” I demand, letting a bit of a dare into my voice. David is very competitive and usually has trouble resisting that tone. Will his embarrassment win this time?

“No.” He blinks at me a few times before continuing, “I’ve never been in a real live sex shop. I buy all my sex toys online.”

I’m sure I’m doing a wonderful impression of a landed fish. David smirks at me as I try to drag my mind away from the idea of David with sex toys.

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