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Persistence Pays

MM romance contemporary short story.

26 pages/11500 words

A sword-wielding, grouchy librarian and a fun-loving journalist might have more in common than they think–with a little help from Asa’s Mom.

Asa and Tan return in “A Scary Package”

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A Scary Package

MM romance contemporary short story.

17 pages/7500 words

Second edition for Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited.

Asa and Tan receive a Valentine’s Day package from Asa’s Mom. Asa wishes he could believe it contains chocolate…

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The Smith Brothers – Joe

MM romance contemporary short story.

20 pages/9000 words

Second edition for Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited.

Can Joe find any good luck? He’s lost his job; had a bad one-night stand; and now he is going to get caught in a rain storm within twenty-four hours. Unless the sea-side café is open…

(Previously released as Jobless in January titles)

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The Smith Brothers, Book Two: Johnny

MM contemporary romance novel.

350 pages/95000 words

Second edition for Kindle and in print. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Johnny has spent thirty-two years trying to do what’s expected of him. When he finds himself divorced, overweight, living with his parents again, and losing the job he’s had since leaving school, it’s the wake-up call he needs to start taking charge of his life. It’s time to do what he wants – if only he can figure out just what that is.

Choosing to go looking for his brother Joey, who he hasn’t seen or spoken to for eight years, he follows a postmark on a Christmas card to the seaside town of Anwell-by-Sea. Joey isn’t that difficult to find and comes complete with boyfriend Dave, Dave’s Uncle Ed, and a rather large and very bad tempered arsehole called Charlie.

Johnny is happy to find Joey and enjoys meeting Dave and Uncle Ed; but he’s pretty glad to see the back of Charlie. Despite Charlie being an unpleasant git, Johnny can’t wait to get back to Anwell-by-Sea with his kids for an Easter break, and maybe he can make some progress on his to-do list by then, too.


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Smoke: A Children of the Ancient Ones Story #1

MM sci-fi novel

397 pages / 100150 words

Second edition available for Kindle and in print. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Smoke is happy with his life. He runs his galaxy-wide courier business without interference, his ship, the Purrsis, is one of the best in her class and the galaxy is full of interesting and attractive people willing to spend a night or two with a lonely pilot. Smoke prefers things simple and uncomplicated. Then he decides to follow a pair of particularly attractive long legs from a tavern in the hope of a mutually enjoyable night of fun and games…

Tyrak has nothing more on his mind than completing his mission and leaving the planet. Getting involved with an opportunistic thief isn’t in the mission parameters. Even if that thief has incredibly soft fur. Life becomes a whole lot more complicated for them both. Can they balance lies and secrets with their undeniable attraction? Or will duty and misunderstandings destroy any chance they have for more than a brief fling?


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Yarotanji: A Children of the Ancient Ones Story 

MM sci-fi novella

82 pages / 23300 words

Second edition for Kindle. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Yarotanji enjoys being an elite agent with the Peace Keeper Task Force and spending his time moving from planet to planet investigating various potentially dangerous situations. He spends a lot of his time lusting after Asrayan, his partner for most assignments, on and off the job. Yarotanji likes his job and his partner, people trying to damage his person and unrequited lust aside.

But he has a very bad feeling about the new assignment he and Asrayan have been given. It should be a walk in the park compared to their normal assignments. And it is – until things get complicated and those difficulties threaten his hard won friendship with Asrayan.

Yarotanji and Asrayan first appeared as secondary characters in the novel Smoke.


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He Shall Go to the Ball

MM fairy tale short story

40 pages/13000 words

Third edition for Kindle. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Cyn wants to go to the Winter Solstice Ball to celebrate his recent coming of age, but his step-father has refused permission. Cyn has to help get his two older step-sisters ready for the event without any hope of attending – until his younger step-sister comes up with a daring plan.

A Cinderella story without a fairy-godmother or shape-shifting mice but there is an FF subplot and cross-dressing!

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Pretty One

MM fairy tale short story

25 pages/9700 words

Third edition for Kindle. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Sriyadin runs away to avoid a fate worse than death. It might have been a good idea to make some plans before running, or at least take some supplies with him. But a strange creature called Vin helps him adjust to life in the forest.

Loosely based on Beauty and the Beast



Journey to Compromise

MM shifter short story

40 pages / 16900 words

Second edition for Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited.

Mitch has had a bad year: his long term relationship ended, his firm went bust, and he’s been drifting since then. His luck hasn’t changed for the better when he gets off the bus in a small town a few days before Christmas hoping to find some work and wait out the holidays before moving on only to find that he has arrived in a werewolf controlled town on the night before full moon. Not the best place for a shape-shifting cougar to be. Finally, against his better judgment, he rescues a young boy being abused by four werewolves in human form…

Mitch is desperate for a change in his luck, but he still has a way to travel before he finds it.


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Coming Soon:

The Smith Brothers, Book Three: Something Worth Fighting For
by Mara Ismine
34 pages / 10100 words
Second edition coming Summer 2020 for Kindle and on Kindle Unlimited.

Johnny and Charlie, from “The Smith Brothers, Book 2: Johnny”, have enjoyed a casual relationship for nearly a year, meeting up once or twice a month. The trip to Dorset should have been a fun reunion after six weeks apart and it shouldn’t have had Charlie walking out on the first morning. Johnny is left at a guest house with more questions than answers and no Charlie to answer them.

Johnny has to decide if he wants to fight for their casual relationship, and the hope that it might lead to something more, or just crawl away and lick his wounds. Is Charlie worth fighting for even if Johnny knew where to find him?



Still Available Anthologies:

British Flash

A revealing collection of short LGBT fiction, available free of charge from Smashreads

Enjoy this entertaining collection of flash fiction stories, each one a short but sweet expression of what it means to be queer in Britain, past and present. All these stories reflect the iconic sights and national character of the British Isles: a taste of our idiosyncrasies and eccentricities, but also an unashamed representation of the love, loyalty and laughter of our people.

Follow the British way of life from historic villages to modern cities, from the countryside to the sea, through history and with a fantasy twist, in gardens, shops, campus and the familiar, much-loved local pub.

The stories cover universal themes of romance, desire, remembrance and reconciliation. The authors range from multi-published to up-and-coming, and they all share a passion for their characters, whether through great drama, erotic excitement, humour – or a combination of all three!

Contributors include:

Alex Beecroft, Victoria Blisse, Stevie Carroll, Charlie Cochrane, Sophia Deri-Bowen, Erastes, Lucy Felthouse, Elin Gregory, Mara Ismine, Sandra Lindsey, Clare London, JL Merrow, Josephine Myles, Zahra Owens, Jay Rookwood, Caroline Stephens, Stevie Woods, Lisa Worrall and Serena Yates.

This anthology is a souvenir of the 2011 UK Meet, an occasion for GLBTQ supporters to get together in a relaxed setting to celebrate and chat about the fiction community they love.

Edited by: Josephine Myles, Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London and JL Merrow

British Flash Goodreads page

FREE Download here

Tea and Crumpet

Heat levels:

* Butter Melting

** Pot Warming

*** Kettle Boiling

Making Camp by Clare London **

Nick’s a dedicated city boy, Max is from the West Country: the chance of a compatible date seems unlikely until Max invites Nick to spend a weekend with him. It’s the chance Nick’s been waiting for, the opportunity to get to know the guy he’s been mooning over at work better, up close and personal. Nick just has to cope with the fact it’s got to happen outdoors…

Good Breeding by JL Merrow *

Privileged snob Giles gets the shock of his life when he meets working-class Angie, who gave him up for adoption when he was born—and an even bigger shock when he tells his posh boyfriend the news! Luckily, Giles’ best friend Oz is on hand to help him learn that good breeding has nothing to do with who your parents are.

A Naughty Trip by Serena Yates ***

Anton Collins, a shy research librarian, has decided to change his life now that he has met former gay porn star, Scott Black. Following his lover to Scotland to explore the Black family’s manuscript collection will be the biggest adventure of his life. Or so he thinks, until he finds out what Scott has planned for their in-flight entertainment…

Beside the Seaside by Lucy Felthouse **

When Ella bumps into Candy outside a tattoo parlour, her head is most definitely turned. With her pierced tongue and mischievous pixie looks, Candy’s definitely a cutie and Ella is soon smitten. An offer of a fish and chip lunch seems promising, but it’s soon apparent that Candy has an ulterior motive of her own, and it’s going to mean more than mushy peas.

Fighting Cocks by Stevie Woods ***

Following his father’s death, Peter is under pressure to shoulder his responsibilities as a local landowner, but all he can think about is being with his friend, Norman. Peter’s mother already considers Norman disreputable–what would she think if she really knew what he was teaching Peter in the hayloft?

The Utterly True History of Guy Alien and the Rise and Fall of His Band X Wing by Stevie Carroll *

Guy Alien. Musical maestro and overlooked genius, or just another super-inflated ego? Two men who used to know him – one who was also Guy’s boyfriend – read his biography, and provide their own unique commentary.

Fantasy Man by Jay Rookwood ***

The hot and horny workman: it’s a fantasy enjoyed by many a gay man. But when it comes true for Mack, he quickly realises while you can script your fantasies, reality has a life of its own!

On the Pull by Elin Gregory **

Tom Swan, publican of the White Horse, divides his energy fairly equally between beer, the Weston Stanage cricket team and a wistful desire to find someone who shares his enthusiasms. When great rivals Sutton Stanage field ace batsman Hugh May, Tom decides that he might do very nicely. It just remains to be seen which team he plays for.

Frozen Angel by Lisa Worrall ***

When art student Joe makes the drive to St Mary’s, he finds the listed building is full of artistic wonders, not to mention the beautifully sculpted angel. He might have expected to find an angel in a graveyard…but he could never have predicted meeting Ryan Parker….

Silent Witness by Anna Marie May ***

The Stone Circle has always been a magical place for Liam, not only because the stones were witnesses to his and Davin’s first lovemaking.

Now he’s come back again—but this time, alone.

Sweet Temptation by Jennie Caldwell **

Philip’s life is divided between his duties at church and his lonely flat. When an opportunity arises to change that in the guise of a beautiful young man, Philip is torn. Follow his desires or follow his faith?

Matter of Opinion by Mara Ismine ***

Working at the local builder’s merchant isn’t exactly glamorous, but Rick is glad to have a job at all. He’d like to have a boyfriend as well, and Steve, the delivery driver, features in a lot of Rick’s hotter thoughts. But how can Rick tell if Steve would be interested in making some of those fantasies into reality?

Jeu d’Esprit by Chris Smith *

Matthew Merryweather, a jobless young graduate, is stuck living with his family in the village of St. Elena’s in Cornwall. He’s always considered himself straight but now finds himself drawn to Benjamin Smith, a local artist. On the day of the Royal Wedding, while trying to escape the bonhomie of the village fete, he gets to know his neighbour a little better, and comes face to face with Benjamin’s indomitable British spirit.

What Katy Did on Holiday by Stevie Carroll **

Moving house and starting her first grown-up job almost seemed like enough excitement for one year, but as the summer holidays draw to a close Katy still has time for one short trip. A chance meeting with her old teacher leads Katy to a woman with bright pink hair, who could make the year to come very exciting indeed.

Riding With Hob by Alex Beecroft *

Mark’s used to feeling like he doesn’t fit in.  But maybe there’s a place for him in[MI1]  another world.  A place of dancing, and laughter.  Contemporary fantasy.

Bloody Mathematicians by Charlie Cochrane **

The impossible has happened. The inseparable Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart have had a parting of the ways. Will the ingenuity of their friends—and a little help from The Bard—help to reunite them?

We’ll Always Have Brighton #2 by Zahra Owens ***

Two men, who were once longtime lovers, meet again in Brighton, a place that holds fond memories for them as a couple.  Maybe this time they’ll be able to communicate what really matters to them.

Blooming Marvellous by Josephine Myles ***

Respectable businessman James isn’t the type who usually ends up on a community service order, but streetwise graffiti artist Ky is more than happy to show him the ropes. Attraction blossoms over the municipal flowerbeds, but what future could there possibly be for two so very different men?

Tea and Crumpet Goodreads page

Buy here

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