Torquere LJ Prompt fics 2011

2011 Torquere Live Journal Prompt Fics


Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 6th January 2011:


From LJ user idamus

Travelling, Blizzard, Meeting the family, Fireplace

Chris and John

“So much for meeting the family.” Chris stared out of the window at the blizzard raging outside. After travelling for two days they had arrived at their rental cottage last night and this morning they should have been visiting Chris’ parents and extended family. Now they were trapped in the cottage until the snow stopped and the roads were cleared.

“We’re here for the week, I’m sure we’ll be able to meet them before we have to go back.” John slid an arm around Chris’ waist and watched the swirling snow over Chris’ shoulder. “At least we aren’t stuck in the car. We’ve got heating, lights, enough food for the week and there is that fireplace…”

Chris smiled and turned away from the snow. “The fireplace is giving you ideas?”

“Oh, yes.” John grinned and wrapped his other arm around Chris, pulling him in for a kiss. “Lots of ideas.”

“The not suitable in front of the family sort of ideas?”

“Mmhm. Want to come and sit in front of the fire and let me tell you about some of them?”

“That sounds much better than watching the snow.”


From LJ  user ali_wilde

Capsicum, penguin, eclipse

Ivan and Rebel


Rebel jolted awake at the shout from the front door. Ivan was home! He tumbled off the couch and scrambled out to the hall before he was fully awake. He skidded to a halt as he caught sight of Ivan glaring at something on the hall floor. Ooops. Rebel had forgotten about that.

Ivan transferred his glare from the floor to Rebel. Maybe kisses would improve Ivan’s mood? Rebel edged closer.

“Rebel!” Ivan growled. “I know we spoke about this and you agreed that it wouldn’t happen again. Do I have to get the capsicum spray out again?”

Rebel shook his head and backed away from Ivan. Yes they had discussed it; yes he had agreed that it wouldn’t happen again; but then Ivan had gone away. What did Ivan expect leaving Rebel all alone to cope with a lunar eclipse?

Ivan sighed and scrubbed his free hand over his face before edging around the mess in front of the door. “What else have you done?”

Rebel bolted for the couch and grabbed Ivan’s plushie penguin. He stared around the room frantically, where could he hide the toy until Ivan was in a better mood? His brain was churning as he tried to remember if there was anything else he needed to hide.

“What are you doing with Ortiz?” Ivan’s voice rumbled with disapproval.

Rebel sighed and walked slowly across the room to give the toy to Ivan.

“Ugh. You’ve slobbered all over poor Ortiz. I suppose you can’t shift back and explain all this?” Ivan held Ortiz gingerly by one foot.

Rebel shook his head, his ears and tail drooping. He wasn’t sure he would be able to explain everything even if he could shift back and talk. It had been irresistible. Maybe Ivan would understand.

Ivan sank down on the couch dropping his suitcase beside it. “You’ve shed all over the cushions again. Can’t you stay off the furniture?”

Rebel crept closer wagging his tail hopefully. Shedding wasn’t something he could really control and it was his couch.

“You know,” Ivan said as he absently scratched Rebel’s ears, “I thought that having a werewolf for a boyfriend would be difficult, but I didn’t think it would be because my shoes got chewed if I left him alone for a couple of days. You’d better make this up to me when you’re human again!”

I can do that, Rebel thought and pressed closer to Ivan.


From LJ user writerliz

Beach, sunrise, palm tree, spatula

Robin and Pat

“I hate winter.” Robin announced as he scraped their stir fry dinner from the pan. “I’m a night person I shouldn’t see sunrise on a regular basis. It’s unnatural!” He waved the spatula to emphasise his words, sending bean sprouts flying in all directions.

Pat sighed and picked a sprout from his cheek. “It’s January, the days are getting longer so you won’t have to see that many more. And we’ll be heading for the tropics in a few weeks.”

“I can’t wait! I’m going to sit on the beach under a palm tree and soak up the heat. Sun, sea, sand and sex!”

“I thought you didn’t like the sun? You were just complaining about sunrise.”

“I was complaining about winter sunrises not tropical sun. Completely different things,” Robin insisted.

“If you say so.” Pat hid his smile behind a mouthful of stir fry.

“I think we should get in training for our holiday,” Robin said as they washed up after dinner.

“You want to practice sitting under a palm tree?” Pat pretended not to know what Robin was suggesting.

“Have we still got that inflatable coconut tree?” Robin nudged Pat with his elbow. “We could set it up in the bedroom and sit under it.”

“Just sit?”

“Well, I was intending to sit on your lap…”


From lj user chris_quinton

Opaline, crest, marginal, rhapsody

Evan and Grigor

“I don’t believe you!” Grigor glared at Evan. He was sick and tired of Evan’s outrageous claims. Evan might be the best lover Grigor had ever had, and the hottest guy he’d ever seen, but not even that made up for the outright lies. “Shapeshifting isn’t real, it’s just something to put in horror films and sell stupid books.”

“Sometimes your blinkered attitude is amusing,” Evan said. “But I am getting fed up with your doubts. You don’t trust me. I thought we had something good growing between us, but without trust…”

“Without truth there can be no trust,” Grigor replied. He had a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach. This was it. Evan was going to walk away and that would be it. There would be no more making love until his very blood sang a rhapsody through his body; no more evenings out eating the exotic food Evan could always find; no more long lazy conversations on Sunday mornings in bed; no more Evan. Grigor swallowed the lump in his throat and forced himself to remember that there would be no more lies; no more foolish claims; no more horror movie moments.

“I don’t lie!” Evan snapped. “You are too narrow minded to believe me, too confined by your refusal to see anything beyond the ordinary.”

“I believe what I can see. I believe in solid things not fantasies from marginal entertainment,” Grigor scoffed.

“Supernatural stories in various media are hardly ‘marginal entertainment’ and that is a solid fact that makes a lot of money every year.” Evan scrubbed a hand over his face. “If I show you that I am not lying will you promise not to run away screaming?”

“Why would I run or scream?” Grigor refused to show the hint of nervousness that blossomed in his gut. This was all lies or delusion there would be nothing to see. Nothing to be afraid of.

“Most people do,” Evan muttered and started to strip.

“I’ve never run from your gorgeous body, but I might have screamed a time or two.” Grigor’s nervous joke didn’t make Evan smile. In fact Evan looked rather grim and was stripping quickly and efficiently. Grigor was distracted by the pearlescent skin and smooth muscle being revealed, and reminded why he really didn’t want to end things with Evan.

Evan finished undressing and kicked his clothes aside. Grigor’s mouth watered and his cock started to rise in earnest as Evan knelt in front of him. The position was evoking a lot of fond memories even if Evan was several feet away and had dropped down to rest his weight on his hands.

That evoked even more memories and Grigor’s cock leapt happily and strained against the fly of his jeans.

The muscles in Evan’s back writhed and his shoulder blades lifted away from his spine. Grigor started to feel uneasy and his erection wilted as Evan’s beautiful, familiar body twisted and changed into something completely unfamiliar.

The creature that had been Evan only moments before raised a scaled snout and stared at Grigor from glowing golden eyes with slit pupils. Grigor stumbled back a couple of steps until his back hit a wall. He stood pressed against the reassuring normality of Evan’s textured living room wallpaper. Evan had not been lying.

Grigor blinked a few times but the dragon didn’t vanish or turn back into Evan. It didn’t do anything more threatening than stare at him, although that was threatening enough with the large fangs that were visible along both sides of its snout.

Grigor’s heart slowed from the initial panic and he was able to look at more than the teeth and glowing eyes. Evan was a beautiful man and he turned into a beautiful dragon. Grigor suppressed an hysterical laugh at that thought. Evan really had turned into a dragon. It wasn’t lies or fantasy. Evan had turned into a dragon right in front of Grigor’s eyes.

Evan had pale, pearly skin as a man; as a dragon he had shining, opaline scales. He didn’t have wings but he did have a crest, which rose as Grigor watched spellbound. Evan the dragon preened as Grigor stared in wonder.

“I believe you.” Grigor breathed. “You are magnificent. I’ve never seen anything like you before.”

Grigor slid slowly down the wall to sit on the floor his knees rubbery and shaking. He wasn’t sure how he was going to cope with this, but he certainly wasn’t going to accuse Evan of lying ever again.




Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 6th March 2011:


From LJ user edenwinters

Carnal, extortion
Murray and Ralph

”Go on! You know you want to!” Murray waved the handcuffs in what was supposed to be an enticing manner.

At least Ralph thought it was supposed to be enticing rather than demented. Sometimes it was difficult to tell with Murray. Ralph looked at the handcuffs rather than the leer on Murray’s face. No, decidedly not enticing. The cuffs looked hard and cold, which was slightly better than they’d looked with the fluffy fake fur on them, but still not inspiring.

“Please?” Murray whined, edging closed with a faint jingle of chain.

“No.” Ralph edged a bit further along the sofa away from Murray and the cuffs.

“But I could do anything I liked to you and you wouldn’t be able to stop me.” Murray licked his lips.

“Exactly,” Ralph agreed. “You think that I want to be at your mercy like that? I still remember when we played that Carnal Desires game; some of your ideas were scary.”

“You’d have a safe word-“

“But would you listen or just decide that you know best?”

“You don’t trust me.” Murray looked shocked as he spoke the words.

“Not with handcuffs, I don’t,” Ralph agreed.

“I wouldn’t hurt you. Ever.”

“No, maybe not intentionally,” Ralph said with a sigh, “But you might be tempted to take embarrassing pictures and blackmail me into things with them.”

“Now you think I’m a creepy blackmailer as well?” Murray dropped the handcuffs and looked really upset.

“I know you aren’t above a bit of light extortion.” Ralph bumped his shoulder against Murray’s. “I’ve seen how you handle your brother and sister.”

“That’s different,” Murray protested. “They’re family and they deserve it.”

“Stop digging before you hit Australia,” Ralph advised, hiding his grin. Murray had his woebegone, kicked puppy look at full force.

“So I can’t tie you to the headboard and have my wicked way with you? Ever?”

“I didn’t say that. I just don’t like the handcuffs.”

“Oh? What do you like?” Murray perked up a bit.

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” Ralph lied, as he toyed with the silk sash of his kimono-style robe. Silk was so much more sensual than steel.


From LJ user gabrielsknife

Fanatical, Flowery, Berry, Blue

Alex and Harmond

Alex finished pruning the last berry bush and straightened up. His back ached and his hands were sore from wielding the pruning shears. The sun was sinking in the clear blue sky; it was time to pack his tools away and get in the house for some well deserved relaxation.

“All done?” Harmond asked as Alex walked into the kitchen.

“Yep. We should get a good crop come next summer.” Alex accepted the glass of wine that Harmond had waiting. The kitchen was filled with the fragrance of cooking food. Harmond had been busy while Alex had been communing with the plants outside.

“Go have a bath while I finish off our dinner.” Harmond pushed him towards the bathroom and Alex didn’t argue. The thought of soaking in hot water sounded like heaven.

Alex smiled as he entered the bathroom and found that Harmond had been busy in there as well. The bath swirled gently with steaming hot water, several blue candles burned around the room releasing a light flowery scent.

Alex set his wine aside and stripped out of his dirt encrusted clothes, putting them carefully into the hamper. Harmond wasn’t exactly fanatical about cleanliness, but he did disapprove of dirty clothes dropped on the floor.

The water was the perfect temperature and Alex slid into it with a satisfied sigh. He could feel the hot water unknotting muscles and soothing aches. The only thing missing was the wine he’d left across the room.

Make that two things missing, Alex thought, as Harmond slipped through the door with the minimum cold draft.

“Dinner smells good,” Alex said, and murmured his thanks as Harmond passed him the wine glass.

“It’s one of those things I don’t usually get time to do. It needs a long and gentle cooking.” Harmond perched on the edge of the bath and sipped his own wine.

“Mm. Long and gentle sounds good.” Alex wasn’t really thinking about cooking as he spoke, neither was Harmond if the gleam in his eye was any clue.

“Dinner would benefit from a bit longer to cook,” Harmond said.

“Would you care to join me?” Alex grinned as Harmond handed him the second wine glass and removed his clothes almost before Alex finished speaking.

Alex cradled both glasses in one hand and held his free hand out in invitation. Harmond took Alex’s hand and stepped carefully into the water. Alex brought Harmond’s hand to his lips and kissed the knuckles. It was a foolish gesture, but never failed to bring a flush of pleasure to Harmond’s face.

Harmond settled against Alex’s chest and accepted his glass back. The water lapped at the rim of the bath and surrounded them with warmth. The candles flickered softly.

Things didn’t get much better than this, Alex thought.


From LJ  user ali_wilde

Shaun, Tyler
penguin, latte, Captain Jack


Shaun & Tyler

Tyler sipped his latte and tried to ignore the stares of the other customers. He was almost sure that the giggling teenage girls were psyching each other to approach him. He hoped that he could avoid them if he didn’t meet their eyes.

He was going to kill Shaun if he didn’t turn up soon. Okay, Tyler had lost the bet, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t kill Shaun for collecting the forfeit.

“Are you really Captain Jack?”

It wasn’t one of the giggling girls asking it was a small boy with his front teeth missing. Tyler blinked at him for a moment as his brain raced to find an answer.

“No,” Tyler finally said. “I’m his brother, Captain Paul.”

“You a pirate too?”

Tyler leant forward and whispered, “Yes, but it is a secret. So don’t tell anyone, okay?”

The boy nodded and ran back to his mother, much to Tyler’s relief.

“Nicely done,” Shaun said as he slid into the seat opposite Tyler. “Did you want another?” Shaun indicated Tyler’s cup.

“No. I’m good.” Tyler glared at his tormentor. What he wanted was to get out of here and go home, not sit around drinking coffee or eating cheese sandwiches. He listened to Shaun place his order with resignation. He wasn’t going to get out of here any time soon. Maybe he’d eat half of Shaun’s sandwich after all.

“You look really good.” Shaun eyed Tyler with appreciation. “I’m glad I didn’t decide on the penguin costume. You make a perfect pirate.”

“More like a perfect idiot.” Tyler snorted and finished his coffee.

“My perfect pirate.” Shaun batted his eyelashes.

Tyler knew that look. Maybe they would get out of here sooner rather than later.


From LJ  user neriah

Baretta, Master, Bullet

Thomas & James

”I’ve got the first season of Baretta on DVD,” Thomas spoke softly, but James heard him.

The lift was fairly crowded with everyone facing the front and avoiding eye contact. James wasn’t sure if Thomas was really talking to him or not. He really hoped that the remark was directed at him. His Mum had taped a lot of episodes when she was young and some of them had survived, but the quality on the ancient home-recorded VHS tapes was really bad. James had grown up on the re-runs of all those old seventies cop shows his Mum loved.

It didn’t hurt that Thomas was really attractive. James’d been watching the other man for a while, trying to pluck up the courage to ask him out. James had even learned to play poker just so he could join in the poker evenings once he learned that Thomas was a keen player.

“The real Baretta? With the sulphur crested cockatoo?” James murmured.

“Mm-hm.” Thomas confirmed at his back, which must mean that he had been talking to James.

The lift stopped at the ground floor and people streamed out around them. James didn’t move at once still caught up in the joyful anticipation of seeing Baretta without scratches, hisses and ancient adverts.

“I’ve got several series of Starsky and Hutch, original of course,” Thomas remarked settling a hand at the small of James’ back and guiding him out of the lift. “And a digitally re-mastered copy of Bullet.”

“What take-away do you like?” James managed to speak without drooling.

“Chinese. Seven o’clock?”

“On the dot!” James watched Thomas walk away and couldn’t help licking his lips in anticipation.




Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 10th April 2011:


From LJ user idamus

Waterfall, Motor bike, Sun burn

Jonas and Michael

Jonas enjoyed the hike back to the bikes; not as much as he’d enjoyed their time at the waterfall, but then he didn’t enjoy anything more than naked time with Michael. The thundering water and the sunshine had made rolling around in the grass impossible to resist. Michael had been rather quiet during the hike; there had been no chatter, no pointing out wildlife just the occasional mumble. Maybe the great outdoors had tired him out or maybe it had been all the great outdoor sex.

Jonas reached the bikes first and swung his leg over to settle in the saddle. Jonas pulled on his helmet and watched Michael approach his own motor bike with much less enthusiasm than usual. Jonas didn’t have to hide his smirk, his full face helmet did the job for him. That would teach Michael to insist on being on top. Sun burn was a bitch anywhere, but a sun-burned ass was nearly the worst thing.


From LJ user edenwinters

Trinity, Tailspin, Silver, Randolph and Kerry


Kerry & Randolph

Kerry watched Randolph pilot them down onto the surface of Trinity. Kerry always claimed that it was Randy’s expert piloting that he liked to watch, but, expert as Randy was with their ship, Tailspin, it was the way he caressed the controls that Kerry was really watching.

He couldn’t help wondering if Randy would caress a lover with the same dexterity and dedication. Sunlight flashed silver off an ocean as they hurtled above it. Kerry let his imagination slip its leash and pretended that Randy was crooning to him not the ship.

“Come on, baby. You can do it. Nice and smooth. Easy does it. Now! Now!”

The landing was as smooth as always. Kerry sighed as the engines throbbed away into silence. Randy patted the control panel and shut it down.

“I’ll get changed and start on the cargo manifest,” Kerry said edging toward his quarters. One day he would pluck up enough courage to proposition Randy and find out if his dreams were accurate, until then all he could do was keep them busy hopping around the inhabited systems as fast as possible; which gave him the maximum number of landings to enjoy.


From LJ user rapidess

Forest, smoke, furniture

Nick and Al

Nick looked around the cabin with satisfaction. What could be better than this? They were surrounded by forest with nobody around for miles in any direction. The makings of an open fire were laid in the rock hearth. The old couch was large and comfortable, the rest of the furniture was worn but sturdy. The bed was king size and had a new mattress.

A waft of barbeque smoke drifted through the open door and reminded Nick of the best thing of all. He had Al all to himself for a whole week – no phones, no email, no interruptions. Maybe he could persuade Al to come and check out that new mattress while the grill got up to temperature…


From LJ user gabrielsknife

Samuel, Robert, William, and Peter
River, Heights, Bottle, Necklace, Fan

Samuel, Robert, William, and Peter
Robert was glad that Samuel had agreed to come on the camping trip with William and Peter. Samuel wasn’t really a fan of the great outdoors, but he was doing his best to cope with it all and Rob appreciated the effort involved. Samuel belonged in the city not here on the heights overlooking the river.

Samuel had even helped Pete make a beer cap necklace last night and joined in the game of spin the bottle without complaint. Rob was hoping that they could take that a step or two further tonight. Will and Pete were damned hot and a little fourway action would be the perfect R&R, if Samuel was willing.


From LJ user ali_wilde

Goth, Emo, Punk

Winter and Dash

Winter sighed and watched Dash model his latest clothes. The black and purple looked good with Dash’s pale skin and blonde hair. Even the purple spikes weren’t as jarring as they might have been, but he didn’t want Dash to dye his hair black. Hopefully this Goth phase would pass quickly before Dash got around to the permanent hair dye.

Winter had survived the previous Emo and Punk times. Maybe one day Dash would settle on a style he could live with. If Winter left enough magazines open to men in kilts perhaps Dash would get inspired.


From LJ user andy_slayde

The prompt letter is… G
Ghost, Gobsmacked, Gruel, Gigantic, Grub

Oscar and Max

Oscar had been gobsmacked when Max came home with a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. It had been in a very poor state and all Oscar could think of was the gigantic bills that would surely follow. Not to mention the complete lack of fuel economy. But Max was so excited about owning a Roller that Oscar couldn’t bring himself to do more than mutter about living on gruel for the foreseeable future. He had even stayed calm when Oscar paid an exorbitant amount for a small brass grub screw that was apparently a vital part.

Oscar sighed and flexed his back against the leather upholstery. Maybe the car had grown on him after all. There was something really decadent about making out in the back of a Roller.


From LJ user pd_singer

Dig, Vegetable, rocks

Victor and Andy

“What ya doing, Andy?” Victor leaned against the tree as he asked.

“What’s it look like?” Andy straightened his back and wiped his forehead with the back of his arm.

“Looks like you’re making a rock garden.” Victor sniggered.

“It’s going to be a vegetable garden.” Andy gritted his teeth and kicked the pile of rocks he had already removed from the plot. “What do you want, Vic?”

“I came over to see if you fancied going fishing,” Victor said innocently.

“Yeah, I do,” Andy growled.  ‘Fishing’ with Vic had very little to do with fish or water and it was a lot more fun than digging in the dirt. But he had promised to get the patch dug over today. “If you’ll give me a hand here we could spend the afternoon ‘fishing’.”

“Okay.” Victor sighed and pushed away from the tree. “What do you want me to do? Dig or shift rocks?”

“We’ll take it in turn.”

“Now or later?” Vic nudged Andy’s shoulder.

“We shift rocks now and get our rocks off later.” Andy pretended not to see Vic roll his eyes. He hoped he would have the strength to make the most of their fishing later after all the hard work.


From LJ user neriah

Seth and Ravi
Knack, knock, knell, knap and knit!


Ravi & Seth

Ravi had a knack of finding trouble. Sometimes Seth thought that Ravi couldn’t even knock on a door without disaster striking. Ravi was on first name terms with the Emergency Room staff and even knew their shifts.

Seth was getting to know them all, too. It was comforting in a way because Seth didn’t have to do a lot of explaining when he took Ravi in. Like the time Ravi decided to try to knap flint. That should have been awkward to explain; the fact that Ravi hadn’t expected the flint to be sharp even though he was trying to make a knife from it just didn’t make sense. But the staff knew Ravi and didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

At least the flint was the final death knell for Ravi’s active historical re-enactment adventures. Seth had only been joking when he suggested that Ravi should take up something safe like knitting, but Ravi had been very enthusiastic and was doing quite well producing knit wear until he sat on his current project.

Seth had removed the knitting needle and taken Ravi to the emergency room without comment. What could he say? Ravi wasn’t safe doing anything. At least the clutzy behaviour didn’t extend to their bed. Maybe Seth should insist they spend more time in bed, just to keep Ravi safe, of course.





Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 6th May 2011 (100 word drabbles):


From LJ user rapidess

Adam, Ben, chair, book


Adam & Ben

Adam glanced away from the TV in the hope that Ben would be looking his way. No such luck. Ben was still curled up in his favourite chair reading that damned book.

He’d said sorry so Ben shouldn’t still be ignoring him. It wasn’t as though he done it deliberately. It had been a genuine accident and he’d suffered the consequences as well. Ben was really taking things to extremes with his sulking.

It was really Ben’s fault because he’d bought the red boxers for Adam. It was just Adam’s bad luck to have loaded the washing machine this morning.


From LJ user ali_wilde

Wolfgang, Dexter, penguin, Pringles


Dexter & Wolfgang

“Wolfgang,” Dexter said. “Don’t do that!”

“Why?” Wolfgang asked.

“Because it’s bad for them.”

“They don’t think so, they like them.”

“So do I,” Dexter muttered watching as another Pringle frisbeed into the enclosure.

“You can buy more.” Wolfgang shrugged and another Pringle floated down to the waiting penguins. “They can’t.”

“They’re supposed to eat fish not human snacks.”

“These are the new flavour,” Wofgang informed him, “Smoked Salmon.”

“Penguins don’t eat smoked salmon.”

“These ones do!” Wolfgang smirked.

“Just wait until I get you home,” Dexter muttered glaring at the waiting birds as the last of the Pringles disappeared.


From LJ user idamus

Ian, Chris, Spring Break, sprain


Chris & Ian

“So what are we going to do for Spring Break?” Ian asked.

“Nothing?” Chris replied hopefully.

“Let’s go somewhere nice for a change,” Ian said, ignoring Chris’ answer.

“There isn’t anywhere nice then. Everywhere’s full of kids.”

“Don’t be such a misery. There are places that kids won’t go.”

“Not nice places.”

“So if I find somewhere kid-free and nice you’ll go?”

“Don’t strain your brain trying to find anywhere, there’s no such place during Spring Break.”

“Not even an adults only, gay resort in the Caribbean?”

“Ooh. My teacher’s salary wouldn’t stretch to that.”

“My treat.”

“I love you!”


From LJ user writerliz

Del, Jason, air, string, water


Del & Jason

Del knew exactly where to find Jason. The sun was shining; the temperature was in the eighties; it was the weekend; and Jason would be in the string hammock near the stream.

Del pulled a couple of beers out of the fridge and padded out onto the deck. There wasn’t a breath of air to relieve the heat and Del could feel sweat prickling his skin, but he headed for the stream rather than back into the air conditioning.

It would be cooler by the water, maybe even cool enough to want to work at getting hot and sticky again.





Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 4th June 2011:


From LJ user ali_wilde

Axel and Alex
axle, axe, ale


Axel and Alex

Alex slammed the heel of his hand on the steering wheel and interrupted his swearing with an unmanly yelp of pain. He took a deep breath and tried banging his forehead on the steering wheel. That hurt as well.

He got out of the truck and tried to ignore how much his knees and hands were shaking. There was no sign of the deer he had swerved to avoid. It had bounded off into the woods none the worse for wear. Unlike Alex and his truck.

The truck was buried axle deep in the soft leaf litter at the side of the road. One front tyre was popped off the rim and there was a nasty gouge along the passenger side from the headlight to the tail gate from a close encounter with a sturdy branch.

“It could have been much worse,” Alex said aloud, trying to convince himself. If he hadn’t bitten his lip when the truck jolted to a halt there wouldn’t even be any blood. That had to be good, didn’t it?

He pulled his phone out and checked that it was still working before making a call. There were a few moments of silence and then a buzz. Alex snatched the phone from his ear and scowled at it.

‘Unable to connect’ the screen proclaimed. Alex muttered a few more choice curses and moved away from the truck trying to watch where he was walking and keep an eye on the signal icon on the phone. About fifty yards from the truck he found a spot where the trees weren’t blocking all the signal and tried again.

“Axel’s Motor Services. How can I help you?”

“I need a hug and a tow truck.” Alex refused to let his lower lip wobble at the sound of Axel’s voice.

“In that order?”


“I think I can manage that. Where are you?”

“Two miles into the woods on South Road.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”


Axel chuckled and made kissing noises before hanging up.

Alex sighed and walked back to the truck to lean against the undamaged side while he waited. He couldn’t quite face getting back in, but he felt better already just knowing that Axel would be there soon.

He heard the rumble of Axel’s tow truck before he could see it and straightened up. He was still shaking with shock from the accident and really needed that hug he had asked for.

Axel pulled up and got out of the tow truck, his eyes checking Alex for injuries as he strode over. Axel opened his arms, “You ordered a hug?”

“Yes.” Alex almost fell into the offered comfort, wrapping his arms around Axel’s solid waist and letting himself relax.

“What happened?” Axel asked once Alex’s grip relaxed slightly.


“Looks like you’ve done a number on the old crate this time. Let’s have a gander at the damage.”

“The front tyre is the worst, I think. I missed the tree – mostly.”

“Mostly?” Axel raised an eyebrow and moved around to the passenger side to inspect the gouge. “Mm. I suppose that counts as mostly.” Axel was giving the tree the sort of look that should be directed at axe murderers.

“I didn’t exactly let the tree do anything. I was too busy being thankful I didn’t hit it head on.”

That got Alex another hug and a rather frantic kiss.

“Okay. Let’s get you home and your classic scrap heap out of sight.” Axel herded Alex into the warmth of the tow truck.

It was another twenty minutes before they pulled up in front of their home with Alex’s truck hanging from the tow hook.

“I need the groceries if they survived.” Alex tried to make a break for the back of his truck, but Axel grabbed his arm and marched him indoors.

“I’ll get the groceries. You get yourself into a nice hot bath and relax. I’ll drop off the trucks and come right home.” Axel kissed Alex and pushed him towards the stairs.

“You better hope the groceries are okay,” Alex said from halfway up the stairs, “Because I got one of those fancy steak and ale pies from the butcher.”

“Now that needs rescuing!” Axel looked alarmed and moved as though to rush outside.

Alex laughed and headed up the stairs. He heard the front door shut just before he closed the bathroom door. Axel hadn’t rushed to the aid of the pie after all.


From LJ user meridae

Clothes, Alarm, Knitting, Cake Tins


Gary & Luke

Luke smacked the alarm and groaned. It was far too early on a Saturday morning to be awake. It was the weekend and he shouldn’t have to set his alarm until Sunday night.

The cold space in the bed beside him said otherwise and he wondered how long Gary had been up. This was their first village fete since moving here last summer and Gary was determined to take part.

Luke thought longingly of rolling over and going back to sleep, but the rattle of cake tins and smell of baking from downstairs made him get up. This being supportive was hard work, Luke groused as he stumbled across the landing to the bathroom.

At least he didn’t have to wear work clothes today. Gary had wanted him to dress up, but had finally agreed that clean jeans without holes and a new T-shirt without any slogans would be good enough.

Luke had been glad to win that argument as he had somehow been volunteered to help set up the stalls on the village green. The beer tent and the other big marquees had gone up last night and had been much harder work than he’d been expecting.

He hoped he would be allowed to have at least a cup of tea before he was kicked out of the house to do more helping. He knew better than to hope to taste any of the baking. Gary was entering nearly every baked goods class and was making noises about growing veg for next year’s competition.

Luke was equal parts tickled by Gary’s enthusiasm for village life and ticked off by the time and effort that went into that enthusiasm; time and effort that used to be spent on him. Maybe he could persuade Gary to take up knitting rather than vegetables. Surely knitting would take up less of Gary’s time?

Gary had a cup of coffee waiting for Luke and it was served with a good morning kiss that made Luke think of going back to bed again. There wasn’t an inch of flat surface in the kitchen that wasn’t supporting some sort of cake or pie and the scent was incredible.

“Out!” Gary pushed Luke towards the front door. “You aren’t getting any of this until after the judging.”

Luke grumbled but let himself be herded out of the door. He would rather sample Gary than the baking, but he couldn’t spoil the day by saying so. Gary was rightly proud of his baking and would be insulted if Luke said he’d rather do anything else than taste it – even if it was Gary he’d rather taste.

Time to get on with the setting up. It was only one day a year and he was sure he’d be able to persuade Gary to have a nice long lay in tomorrow.


From LJ user idamus

Haircut, Swimming, Barbecue

Chip & Danny

“I need a haircut,” Chip complained, shoving long strands of wet hair off his face.

“Don’t you dare!” Danny stood up chest deep in the water and glared at his boyfriend.

“I have to suffer for your hair fetish, you know?” Chip grumbled, falling back into the water to float and stare at the sky.

“But you love me enough to put up with it, don’t you?” Danny grinned and swam to Chip’s side.

“Yes.” Chip grumbled without looking at Danny. “But swimming here in the river was your idea so you get to help me scrub the mud out of my hair when we get home.”

“I’ll look forward to it. You know I don’t mind washing your hair.”

“Hmph.” Chip snorted, but didn’t argue.

“Let’s get dried off and light up the barbeque,” Danny suggested after a few more minutes floating.

“You just want to ogle my ass.”

“Of course!”


From LJ user pink1dragon

Tea, Salmon, Bananas, Ice Cream
Names: Kale and Basil


Kale and Basil

“Another salmon and cucumber sandwich?” Basil offered Kale the plate of small, crustless triangles.

“Thank you.” Kale helped himself to a handful of the bite sized snacks. He allowed himself an eyeroll and got the faintest of frowns from Basil in return, along with a significant look from him to the teapot. Kale stifled a sigh and swallowed his sandwich.

“More tea, Mothers?” Kale reached for the teapot as he waited for a response from his mother and Basil’s.

“Yes, dear,” Kale’s mother smiled and pushed her cup and saucer towards Kale.

“Thank you, I will have another, Kale.” Basil’s mother said at the same time.

“Basil?” Kale lifted the pot and glanced across the table after he had served the mothers.

“Thank you.” Basil forced a smile and Kale tried to hide a smirk as he filled Basil’s delicate, bone china cup with lukewarm Earl Grey. Kale knew Basil’s opinion on the lemon dishwater favoured by his mother. And he also knew that Basil wouldn’t say a thing in his mother’s presence.

“Petit fours.” Their waiter set a cake stand on the table with a flourish. “And iced fancies.” A second cake stand appeared. “Let me freshen your teapot.” A full teapot was placed on the table and the cool one was whisked away. “Enjoy!”

The waiter swept away to terrorise another table and Kale sighed in relief.

Ice cream?” Kale’s mother peered at the cake stands unable to make out the contents without her glasses, which she refused to wear when ‘out on the town’. “I thought we were having afternoon tea?”

“Iced fancies, mother.” Kale corrected with another eye roll. “Would you like one?” He lifted the cake stand and moved it to where his mother would be able to see the little cakes.

“I like banana splits,” Basil’s mother said. “I’ve always been fond of bananas.”

Basil choked on the sip of tea he’d just taken and Kale bit his lip to stifle his embarrassed laughter. He was relatively sure that Basil’s mother had no idea what he and Basil had done with the banana in their hotel fruit bowl. Surely she hadn’t got any surveillance equipment into their hotel room? No. He was just falling into Basil’s paranoia about his mother. Basil’s mother was a sweet older lady not an international spy, despite all the coincidental remarks.

“I always preferred a Knickerbocker Glory myself,” Kale’s mother said after swallowing the remains of her iced fancy.

Kale reminded himself that the tea would end at five and there was only the theatre and late dinner to get through. Thank goodness there was only one Mother’s Day a year.


From LJ user edenwinters

Malachi and Felix
gnome, potato, massage


Malachi and Felix

Malachi was glad that Felix was showing an interest in the garden. He would have preferred a more practical interest; a hand with the digging perhaps? Or maybe a spot of hoeing?

But garden gnomes were a step in the right direction. Weren’t they? Felix certainly thought they added something to the garden. Malachi had drawn the line at gnomes in the vegetable plot. Felix agreed reluctantly and took the gnome away from the carrots.

Malachi had decided to ignore the gnome that was still lurking in the far corner of the potato patch. But if he didn’t get a really good massage from Felix tonight that gnome was going to find itself on the far side of the compost heap.


From LJ user rapidess

Alton & Corbin
peach, park, net


Alton & Corbin

Corbin settled himself beside the window that looked out over the back garden. He was hidden behind the net curtain but could see over the hedge at the end of the garden and into the plot that backed onto his.

The end of the adjoining garden was screened off from its house and the neighbours, but not from Corbin’s vantage point. The screened off area contained a new hot tub under an open sided canopy that reminded him of the band stand in the nearby park. Corbin checked his watch, picked up his binoculars and waited for the show to begin.

Alton slipped through the gate into the tub area a minute or two later. Corbin watched the other man check that the gate was locked before walking over to the hot tub and fiddling with the controls. The water began to swirl and bubble, but Corbin wasn’t interested in that.

What Corbin wanted to see was Alton. Corbin didn’t know the man’s name and had chosen to call him Alton because it seemed wrong not to give the other man a name when Corbin was sharing such intimate moments with him.

From observation Corbin knew that it took fifteen minutes for the hot tub to warm up enough for Alton to get into the water and longer than that for the water to begin to steam. The fifteen minute wait was the best part.

Alton had placed his towel on the rack beside the tub and was slowly undressing. Corbin licked his lips as Alton pulled his T-shirt off revealing a smooth chest with a light dusting of golden hair that was only visible through the binoculars. Alton smoothed his hands over his chest pausing to pinch his nipples with obvious pleasure.

Next he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, slipping a hand inside to fondle and adjust himself before returning his attention to his chest and nipples. Corbin watched shifting in his chair as his prick mirrored Alton’s growing arousal.

Underwear was not a problem for either of them. Alton never wore any when he visited the tub and Corbin had decided to go commando and wear loose shorts after the first couple of times he had watched Alton’s ritual.

Alton let one hand drift down to stroke his cock while worrying at a nipple with the other. Corbin could see the other man tremble at the rising arousal. Alton suddenly removed both hands from his body and breathed hard as he fought back impending orgasm. Corbin licked his lips imagining he could taste the beads of moisture gathering at the tip of Alton’s prick.

Corbin waited breathlessly for Alton to move on to the next stage of the ritual. Alton obliged, stepping out of his open sandals and shoving his jeans down before kicking them off. Corbin was treated to a view of naked flesh that he longed to touch and taste as Alton bent to retrieve his discarded clothes and place them on the bench beside the hot tub out of the way of any water splashes.

Today Alton’s movements gave Corbin a clear view of luscious, peach shaped ass and the shadowed cleft between the cheeks. Alton sat on the edge of the tub almost facing Corbin and spread his legs to pull on his cock and cup his balls.

He had watched this so often now that Corbin felt that he could judge the right pressure needed to make Alton moan, and he imagined he could hear the sounds of pleasure from Alton’s parted lips. He shifted in his chair again and pressed a hand to his needy cock. His pleasure would come later once Alton was hidden by the water.

Alton was stroking faster, head thrown back, mouth open and eyes shut. It didn’t need Corbin’s previous observations to recognise that Alton was close to orgasm. The shadows between Alton’s parted thighs hid what his fingers were doing there. Was he rubbing his perineum as he palmed his balls, or was he reaching farther back?

Corbin wished he could tell. Alton was pumping his cock faster, seeming almost frantic to reach his climax. Corbin licked his lips and leaned forwards in his chair as though that would help, moaning out loud as Alton found his peak and thick jets of come spurted into the plants beside the tub.

Alton slumped, breathing heavily as his hands stilled. Corbin watched as Alton recovered and scooped a few handfuls of water from the tub to wash away the evidence of his pleasure before slipping into the water.

Corbin sighed and put his binoculars down, much as he enjoyed watching Alton relax in the tub there were more important things to attend to. It only took a few strokes to achieve his own orgasm.

One day he hoped to join Alton in the tub, but not today.


From LJ user 4tonedeaf

Wonder, quince, poster

David and Mark

Quince?” David eyed the paint swatch that Mark was holding against the living room wall. It looked like a muddy pale green to him.

“Yes,” Mark replied angling his head in a different direction to study the colour. “It is this year’s colour.”

“Oh. Don’t you think we need something a bit brighter in here?”

“We don’t want anything glaring.” Mark stopped admiring the paint swatch to scowl at David.

“I wasn’t thinking glaring, just something that looked cleaner.”

“We aren’t having magnolia walls.”

“I know you hate magnolia, but how about a cream or pale yellow? I think that quince might clash with the carpet.”

“We could get a new carpet.” Mark knelt down to test the paint swatch against the current carpet.

“Or we could have neutral walls and put up a bright poster or two,” David suggested trying not to sound too keen on the idea.

“I suppose that might work.” Mark shuffled through his paint swatches until he found one that didn’t clash with the carpet. “I have fond memories of this carpet and I don’t really want to get rid of it.”

“It’s a very good carpet,” David agreed as certain memories ran through his mind. It was a wonder that the carpet was in as good a shape as it was considering how much wear it got, especially in front of the fireplace. “We could have a quince border perhaps?”

“Maybe.” Mark looked up at David and his expression had nothing to do with decorating their living room and a lot to do with testing out the carpet’s stain resistance.

David smiled and moved closer.


From LJ user neriah

Yakima, Yakety-yak, Yankee, Yap
Names Yaakov and Yitzhak
Oh and a Yak too please……..


Yaakov and Yitzhak

“Ooh. Look at that.” Yitzhak veered away and headed for yet another craft shop.

Yaakov sighed and cast a wistful glance at the fifties-style diner they had almost reached. He could almost hear the strains of ‘Yakety yak. Don’t talk back.’ coming from the diner – the original Coasters version of course. He bet they had an authentic juke box in there – one with all the neon tubes and maybe even the original vinyl 45s.

At least the diner wasn’t going anywhere and maybe he could get Yitzhak to stop foraging in craft shops long enough for them to get something to eat. Who knew that the Yakima Valley had so many craft shops?

Yaakov had expected the towns to be more wine oriented, but maybe it was just Yitzhak’s uncanny ability to find craft shops that made it seem otherwise. Everywhere they went Yitzhak found at least one craft shop. Even when they had visited Arizona Yitzhak had found roadside stands or rickety old shacks filled with crafts – or at least Yitzhak claimed they were crafts.

The latest find was in a sturdy looking building and had track lighting, Yaakov was pleased to note as he followed Yitzhak through the door. The dimly lit ones always took longer. This one looked more like an art gallery than a craft shop, which meant they wouldn’t be in here for as long but Yitzhak would probably spend even more money.

Yaakov reminded himself that this tour was their tenth anniversary celebration and he shouldn’t be worrying about how much it cost. Or not worrying up to a point.

“I don’t think it would fit in our apartment.” Yaakov eyed the life sized hairy cow that currently had Yitzhak’s attention.

“But isn’t it beautiful? Feel how soft the coat is?” Yitzhak stroked the cow with a look of longing.

“Yes, very soft,” Yaakov agreed fingering the long, springy hair. “But it still won’t fit in the apartment.” Even if we could get it back east for less than the cost of a new apartment, he added to himself.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen. I see you have met Yap,” a nasal Yankee voice said. The accent was almost a shock after several days in the area. “I’m afraid she isn’t for sale, but we do have a selection of authentic Tibetan Yak-hair products. Maybe a sweater? Or a blanket? Or maybe a back pack? Yak wool has excellent wear properties and is naturally water repellent.”

“Yap the yak?” Yaakov couldn’t help asking as Yitzhak turned his attention from the stuffed yak to the display of knitwear behind it.

“My nephew named her when he was a toddler.” The man smiled, with a slightly distant look as though he was remembering something. “We do have smaller versions, if you would like to take a look?”

Yaakov suppressed another sigh and trailed after Yitzhak and the Yankee. He could see a new sweater in his future and hoped he could have some input into the colour. At least the smaller versions of Yap were shelf-sized.


From LJ user andy_slayde

Chuck & Bob & Hank

Paint, Sheetrock, Dust, Insulation, Skylight
And bonus word… Penguin!


Chuck & Bob & Hank

“I think a skylight over the bed is romantic,” Bob said tilting his head to take in the hole in the ceiling.

“For that I might just make you fix all this by yourself,” Hank muttered as he pushed past Bob to pull Chuck off of the bed. “Any damage?”

“Um?” Chuck looked around the devastated bedroom.

“To you,” Hank clarified picking insulation out of Chuck’s hair. “I can see what you’ve done to the roof and our bed.”

“I think I’m only bruised.” Chuck stretched with caution. “The bed broke my fall.”

“I think you broke the bed.” Bob kicked the bed frame and coughed in the resulting cloud of dust. “What were you doing on the roof, Chuck?”

“Er. I was trying to fix the satellite dish to the chimney,” Chuck said scuffing his foot on the carpet. “I thought it would be safer up there. Out of the way…”

“We’ve been talking about getting a bigger bed, anyway. Something with room for all of us,” Hank said hoping he could get rid of the guilty look on Chuck’s face. He added ‘fix the satellite dish’ to his mental list of tasks. “Bob, why don’t you go and get that skylight and the rest of what we’ll need while I clean up Chuck and make sure he is really okay.”

“Why don’t you get the stuff while I check out Chuck?” Bob leered happily.

“Why don’t we all clean up in here, have a shower and then we can all go and get whatever we need?” Chuck suggested. “You know you’ll get a bigger discount if you take me with you.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Hank bent to pick up a piece of ceiling and dump it on the ruined bed. “You can go with Bob to get the skylight and timber. I’ll see if I can find a same-day-delivery bed store.”

“What colour paint this time?” Bob asked gathering up the bed clothes around the remains of the bedroom ceiling ready to cart outside.

“I thought we’d agreed to stick with white?” Chuck picked up the pillows and followed Bob out to the back yard.

“At least we don’t have to fight with sheetrock, this time,” Hank muttered and fetched the vacuum cleaner. It wasn’t really Chuck’s fault that things happened to him or around him, but sometimes it was difficult to live with the constant disasters.

Although this was a good opportunity to get new bedclothes and he could treat himself to that penguin shower curtain he’d been looking at for a few weeks now. The penguins were a border and the rest of the curtain was completely transparent, all the better to see his boys… and keep an eye on any recent damage to Chuck.

Today was a good day, there was no trip to the Emergency Room. So far.


From LJ user gabrielsknife

Names: James, Race, Peter, and Doug
Words: blue, bench, bitter, beguile, bear, and bean (bonus points will be awarded if you don’t use the words ‘big’ or ‘hot’ ^_-)


James, Race, Peter and Doug

James watched Doug walk across the lawn towards him. Doug was wearing his favourite blue t-shirt which had washed out to a soft grey and was rather grubby after a day working outside. He looked good enough to eat. He was also carrying another handful of vegetables.

“How are you at preserving?” Doug asked dropping down on the bench beside James.

“I think I’m going to have to learn.” James snapped another green bean into sections and dropped them into the pan on his lap. “Why did we think it was a good idea to grow our own veg?”

“I’m blaming Peter and Race.” Doug nibbled on a pea pod and made a face at the bitter taste. “The peas will need shelling, they’ve gone too far to eat with the pod.”

“Where are the terrible twosome?” James hadn’t seen his other lovers for a couple of hours.

“Somewhere down the far end. Race was talking to the raspberry canes.”

“Raspberries would be a nice change.” James eyed the pile of green beside him, all the result of Race ‘talking’ to the plants. Or at least that was what Race insisted caused the bumper crops. James couldn’t help smiling at the mental image of a large bear bent over a raspberry cane lecturing it on the best way to grow. “Do you think he asks them nicely?”

“No.” Doug laughed. “I’m sure that it is more like threats. I heard him getting creative with what he’d do to the poor things’ roots if they didn’t buck up their ideas and grow.”

“Ah. We have military vegetables.”

“We do now. What do you expect when you let a drill sergeant loose on anything in straight rows?”

“Ex-drill sergeant,” James corrected with a burst of gratitude that Race was safely out of the military now. “I think I prefer that idea to Peter using some sort of magic.”

“You can’t deny that Peter has magic and can make things grow with just one look.” Doug’s voice dropped to a suggestive growl.

“No, I can’t deny that.” James chuckled and had to shift on the bench for his own comfort. “I’d just rather he used that talent on us. It’d be a waste to beguile vegetables with those bedroom eyes.”

“I don’t think I want to think about vegetables in our bed.” Doug shuddered but there was a sparkle in his eyes.

“Don’t even suggest it!” James groaned.

“I think I’ll fire up the grill and see if I can lure them away from the plants.” Doug stood up and stretched.

“We can have char grilled veg to go with the steaks.” James didn’t stop his eyes admiring Doug.

“That’d be one way of using some of it up. Just don’t suggest home-grown steak.”

“Race’d have the steers grazing in formation.”

“No. Just don’t go there.”

“You’ll have to make it worth my while…”

“I can do that.”

Doug pulled his t-shirt off and bent to kiss James. James put the beans aside and kissed Doug back. The lawn was close and soft, and what were a few grass stains to worry about?





Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 6th July 2011 (100 word drabbles):


From LJ user neriah

Nick, Knut, pea, pod, shooter.


Knut & Nick

Nick straightened up and rubbed his back. He’d picked more than enough for tonight’s dinner. Popping the pods was almost more satisfying than eating the peas and Nick could sit in comfort while he did it. Knut wandered out of the house.

“I haven’t seen that many pea pods since I was a kid,” Knut said peering into the bucket. “I used to steal as many as I could for my pea shooter.”

“Well, you aren’t stealing any of my peas to waste,” Nick said.

“I’ve got better things to do with you than fire peas at you.” Knut smirked.



From LJ user ali_wilde

Shaun, Bert

Short stack, Used


Bert & Shaun

“Hey, Short Stack, are you okay?” Shaun stroked Bert’s cheek before sliding a finger under his chin to tilt his face up for closer scrutiny.

“I’m fine.” Bert tried to pull away, annoyed by the stupid nickname.

“You look like you’ve been used hard and put away wet.”

“And whose fault is that?” Bert tried to scowl even though the look of concern on Shaun’s face was causing a not so strange warmth in his belly.

“I wasn’t the one that started it,” Shaun protested, “but I won’t object to taking better care of you.”

“Good. You can start now.”



From LJ user idamus

Christian & Kurt

Puppy, Pool

Can you make it fluffy? I need some cheering up


Christian & Kurt

Kurt snuggled into Christian’s side watching the newest member of their little family. The trip to the dog pound had been harrowing, they had wanted to save all the dogs, but there was just something about the puppy with the floppy ears and soulful eyes.

The paddling pool would help keep him cool through the summer and they had just filled it. The puppy was bouncing around the edge barking at the water. He finally scrambled over the edge, flopped into the pool and bit the water.

“Our baby,” Christian whispered and kissed Kurt.

“Yes. Ours.”

The puppy watched happily.


From LJ user kelgar01

Jesse & Rick

Spatula, plug


It could have been smutty…



Jesse & Rick

Jesse fumbled the plug for the coffee maker as Rick nibbled on the nape of his neck. Jesse wasn’t much of a morning person, but after three mornings of waking up with Rick they almost had a routine. Jesse would make the coffee and Rick would cook breakfast.

Rick wielded a mean spatula and Jesse was getting used to the idea of eating hot food first thing – apparently toast didn’t count and neither did staying in bed and making a meal of Rick.

The best part of breakfast – apart from being there to eat it – was the shared shower afterwards.



From LJ user rapidess

Ren & Gin

phone, can, bottle


Ren & Gin

The phone rang as Ren was staring into his empty fridge.

“Hey, Gin. What’re you doing?”

“Hoping you’ve got some food. I’m all out of breakfast cereal and everything else.” Gin laughed.

“I’ve got a can of tuna and a bottle of Tabasco sauce,” Ren said shutting the fridge.

“Want to eat out?”

“Only if you’re buying. I don’t get paid until tomorrow.”

“Great. You can feed me tomorrow.”

“Deal. Where are we going tonight?”

“Chinese at mine? Thirty minutes?”

“Sweet. I’ll bring my toothbrush.” Ren grinned and hung up. Maybe he’d do some grocery shopping tomorrow or maybe not.






Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 5th August 2011:


From LJ user ali_wilde

Penguin, halo, chicken

Jesse and Aloysius


Al couldn’t help the guilty twitch at the sound of Jesse’s voice. Jesse only used that tone, and Al’s full name, when he was really pissed. Al did a frantic review of the last few hours and couldn’t come up with anything he might have done to upset Jesse.

Last time he had seen Jesse, a couple of hours ago, Jesse was lying in bed looking up at Al like he had a halo. Al liked that look on Jesse and he liked what put it there, too. Jesse swore that Al gave the best blowjobs ever and Al wasn’t going to argue with that accolade, even if he thought Jesse’s blowjobs were much better.

Al could hear Jesse’s footsteps coming closer and he still didn’t know what had upset Jesse. They had napped for a while and then Al had got up, leaving Jesse curled up in their bed snoring softly. All was fine with their world as far as Al was concerned.

“Aloysius!” All was not fine in Jesse’s world by the sound of it.

Al took a deep breath and called out, “Here!”

Whatever he had done wrong wouldn’t be less wrong for him hiding; not that there was anywhere to hide in the apartment and, as he had neglected to get dressed, hiding out of the apartment was out of the question.

“You are watching that damned film again, aren’t you?” Jesse stalked up behind the couch and glared accusingly at the TV screen.

“Only while you were asleep,” Al rushed to explain. “You looked so good that I had to get out of bed or wake you up. And you were looking so tired after work that I didn’t want to do that.”

“More like you deliberately tired me out so you could watch that stupid film again.”

“I wouldn’t do that!” Al sat up straighter on the couch and switched the film off, he knew how much his favourite DVD annoyed Jesse and he didn’t need any extra annoyance now. He also mentally filed the suggestion for use at another time. Sitting up made more of Jesse visible and Al appreciated the view.

“Yeah. Right.”

Jesse switched his glare to Al who tried to look as innocent as possible. Jesse folded his arms across his naked chest which caused some interesting motion lower down. Al couldn’t keep his gaze on Jesse’s face when Jesse’s cock was waving at him like that.

“I didn’t deliberately try and tire you out,” Al muttered, most of his attention on Jesse’s superb naked body and how that body was reacting despite Jesse’s mood. “And even if I had been trying to I obviously didn’t do a very good job of it.”

Jesse rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms. “Switch that off properly. I hate the way it’s staring at me. And then you can come back to bed where you should have been when I woke up.”

Al tore his gaze away from Jesse and glanced at the TV. He hadn’t switched the DVD off he had hit the pause button and there was a close up of the main character making a weird face. Al scrabbled for the remote and killed the image, eager to obey Jesse’s every whim right now.

“Stupid cartoon birds,” Jesse muttered as he grabbed Al’s arm and dragged him towards the bedroom. “They say that penguin tastes just like chicken, you know?”

Al shuddered at the thought of eating cute little pengys.

“If you sneak out of bed to watch that again,” Jesse drawled and pushed Al onto their bed, “I’m going online to find some nice penguin steaks and I won’t tell you what they are until you’ve eaten them!”

Al whimpered at the threat and applied himself to making Jesse too deliriously sated to remember that plan.


From LJ user idamus

Peter & Caleb
Thunder, Kissing, London Eye


Peter & Caleb

“Isn’t it magnificent? Look how far you can see, even in this weather.” Peter stared across London in wonder.

“It is spectacular,” Caleb agreed with his eyes firmly fixed on Peter’s arse. He didn’t need to look at a gloomy, rain-drenched London when he could ogle Peter. The weather had deterred most of the other tourists and they had walked on to their capsule after only a short wait. Even better than that was the fact that they had the entire glass bubble to themselves.

Peter had admitted that he had always wanted to ride on the London Eye a few months ago. It wasn’t something that Caleb had ever considered, but that didn’t stop him arranging a surprise romantic weekend for Peter that included the Eye. They had already done the river cruise earlier, and a West End show last night.

Later this evening they would dine in a small gay-friendly restaurant with a candle on the table and a red rose on Peter’s plate. Caleb was looking forward to that; he just had to survive thirty minutes on this overgrown big wheel first.

“Oh! I think that was lightning.” Peter leaned closer to the rain streaked glass wall as though that would help him see more clearly.

“Sounds like it,” Caleb muttered crowding closer to Peter as a peal of thunder vibrated the capsule. He tried to feel happy that even if the extreme weather shut down the Eye, at least Peter would get his ride because they were already on board. It was difficult as the fragile seeming glass bubble rose slowly closer to the black clouds above.

“This is fantastic!” Peter was all but jumping up and down with excitement. “The lightning is so close I can almost touch it.”

Caleb had closed his eyes and had his arms wrapped around Peter’s waist. He had never understood why Peter loved storms so much. Normally Caleb wasn’t that bothered by storms, but he felt very exposed and vulnerable in this sealed glass capsule.

“Ah, we are going down now and the storm is moving off.” Peter sounded really disappointed on both counts.

Caleb murmured something soothing and nuzzled the back of Peter’s neck, very glad that the framework holding the glass in place wasn’t vibrating with every thunder clap any more.

Peter turned in Caleb’s arms and smiled at him. “Thank you for this and I’m going to believe you ordered the storm for me, as well.”

Caleb would have denied being responsible for the storm but it was a little difficult to talk with Peter’s lips fused to his so he settled for kissing Peter back just as enthusiastically and the flashing lights behind his eyelids had nothing to do with lightning.


From LJ user rapidess

Lemon, house, stone

Karl & Ren

When Karl got home he found the living room strewn with colour charts and Ren poring intently over a magazine. Ren dropped the magazine and almost floated across the room to fling his arms around Karl and bestow an enthusiastic kiss.

“I take it we have something to celebrate?” Karl raised one eyebrow when he could speak. He didn’t need an answer as it was written all over Ren’s beaming face.

“They accepted our offer!” Ren bounced in Karl’s arms and kissed him again. “A few more weeks and it’s all ours!”

Karl felt an answering smile spread across his own face. He knew that it was too soon to relax completely, but it felt like the mill stone of worry that had been hanging around his neck had vanished, or at least become a lot lighter.

“So you’ve started redecorating before we’ve even exchanged contracts?”

“Of course.” Ren waved at the colour charts and the magazines – there were others buried under the charts as well as the one he had been studying when Karl came in. “We have a whole house to do anyway we want. We don’t need the landlord’s agreement anymore.”

“And you are going to enjoy every moment, aren’t you?” Karl couldn’t help laughing and swinging Ren back and forth a little. Ren was still way too thin and Karl sometimes worried that he would snap the frail body in half with an over-enthusiastic hug, but that would change. Now they had their little cottage in the country Ren could recuperate from all the horrendous treatments and they could put the last few years behind them.

“I’ve got so many ideas.” Ren rested against Karl’s chest. “We are going to have the perfect kitchen; a magnificent bathroom; our bedroom will be opulent and the bed enormous.”

“You’ve forgotten the roses round the door?” Karl teased.

“Of course not!” Ren lifted his head and grinned. “Lavender ones, naturally.”

“Naturally.” Karl agreed. If Ren wanted sky blue pink roses with polka dots Karl would find a way to get them for him.

“And we’ll have lemon trees in the conservatory.” Ren laughed. “Then we can have fresh lemon slices to put in our drinks as we sit and survey our domain.”

“Whatever you want, love.” Karl brushed another kiss across Ren’s smiling lips. “Just so long as you keep fighting and stay with me until we are in our dotage.”

Ren didn’t answer in words, but he did convince Karl that he was feeling a lot better and was well on the road to recovery.


From LJ user neriah

Nigel and Nevin

Tea, Toast, Toodles, Poodles


Nevin & Nigel

Nevin stopped in the kitchen doorway and scowled at the breakfast table. There was a cup of tea steaming at his place and a pile of toast was waiting to be eaten. Three varieties of marmalade were sitting in the middle of the table and the butter was naked on a plate, rather than in its wrapper.

“Okay. What horrible news have you got for me?” Nevin pulled out his chair and dropped into it as he glared across the kitchen to where Nigel was pouring his coffee.

“What makes you think there’s bad news?” Nigel fidgeted putting things away and didn’t meet Nevin’s eyes.

“Because of this.” Nevin waved at the table. “You only go to this extreme for a couple of slices of toast when there is something bad you’re trying to work up courage to tell me.”

“No I don’t,” Nigel said frowning at the table. “Do I?” He added nibbling his lip and ruining the denial.

“Yes, you do.” Nevin nodded to underline his point. “Have you broken you car again?”

“No.” Nigel slid into the seat across from Nevin and reached for a slice of toast. “And I resent the implication that I break cars all the time.”

Nevin ignored the long list in his head of car problems that Nigel had had in just the last six months. “Your parents are coming to stay for an entire week?”

“No.” Nigel’s answer lacked some of the conviction that would have reassured Nevin.

“They’re coming for a weekend?”

“No.” Nigel glanced up and frowned at Nevin. “You know they are on that cruise for another three weeks.”

Nevin watched Nigel’s eyes dart away again and his brain began fitting pieces together into an ugly picture. “Aunt Thelma isn’t coming to stay, is she?”

“Noo.” Nigel pushed his toast around the plate.

“What is Aunt Thelma doing that affects us?”

“Um… Well… Er… That is…”

“Spit it out,” Nevin grumbled. “It can’t be any worse than I’m imagining.”

“Don’t you believe it,” Nigel muttered before saying quickly, “Aunt Thelma fell and cracked her hip and has to stay in hospital for a few days, so…”

“We are not having Toodles,” Nevin snapped. “No way. No how.”

“But he is too old to go into kennels. It’ll only be for a few days, just ‘til Aunt Thelma gets out of hospital. He won’t be any trouble. I’ll look after him. You don’t have to walk him or feed him or clean up after him or anything.”

“Famous last words,” Nevin muttered glaring at Nigel’s bent head. “This isn’t a rest home for flatulent old poodles. This is my home.”

“And mine.” Nigel pointed out with a hint of anger.

“This is our home,” Nevin corrected himself, “And our home is a pet free zone. No poodles.”

“Toodles isn’t exactly a pet, more a family heirloom. And I’ve already said we’ll have him, Aunt Thelma was in a terrible state.”

“There’d better be a lot of special breakfasts in my future,” Nevin grumbled. “Preferably in bed.”

“Not while Toodles is here, but once he’s gone we’ll see.” Nigel smiled and met Nevin’s eyes, “Thanks for not blowing up about it.”

“Did I have a choice?”

“There’s always a choice…”

“Mm.” Nevin sighed and mentally added extra strength air fresheners to the shopping list. Would a get well card help Aunt Thelma recover more quickly? The less time that evil animal was in residence the better.





Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 4th and 5th September 2011:


From LJ user idamus

Shane & Mark
Night, Costume, Shower


Shane & Mark

“Who the hell has a Fancy Dress Party in August?” Shane grouched.

“Simon does. Stop whining and get ready.” Mark didn’t bother looking up from the costumes he was arranging on their bed. He knew what Shane’s pout looked like and looking at those generous lips would only lead to things that would make them even later for the party.

“I need another shower.” Shane’s voice had dropped to a purr that recalled the shower they had shared an hour or so ago. “Are you going to join me?”

“You really don’t want to go to the party, do you?” Mark grinned at the bed as he smoothed out the costume Shane was going to wear.

“Of course I don’t want to waste time going to a party when you are going to be wearing that!” Shane pointed at the few pieces of Mark’s costume. “That’s something to wear for a night in not a night out. All I want to do is rip it off you and enjoy.”

“Anticipation will make it even better.”

“Sez you.” Shane sighed theatrically and dropped a kiss on the back of Mark’s neck before wandering off for his shower.

Maybe they could just put in an appearance at Simon’s party, Mark thought. Anticipation was okay, but he didn’t want to over-do it.


From LJ user edenwinters

Asa & Tan
acetaminophen, Snickers, Montana


Asa & Tan

I was reading about the Lewis and Clark expeditions and it was taking more concentration than normal. I could usually translate the colloquial language and errant spelling without even thinking about it, but tonight I was struggling.

It wasn’t helping that Tan was reading something on his laptop and making strange faces. I wasn’t sure what he had found to produce those expressions and I wasn’t going to ask. But my curiosity was distracting.

“I’m just going to the convenience store, Asa,” Tan announced and shut his laptop with a loud snap. “Do you want me to get you anything?”

“What are you going for?” I frowned at him. Getting Tan to go to the store was normally very difficult and this sudden declaration was worrying.

“I’m going to get some chocolate bars. I know we haven’t got any.”

“Chocolate bars?” I was talking to the closed door as Tan had already left. I shook my head and turned my attention back to Clark’s account of “barious Coloured earth”. Was “barious” a word or had he meant “various”?

All too soon Tan breezed back in and dropped several chocolate bars on the coffee table.

“Here Asa, I got you something.” He pitched a small box at me and I nearly dropped Lewis and Clark as I caught it. “Extra strength pain killer?” I frowned at the box and then looked up at Tan in confusion.

“You’ve got a headache, so take a couple of pills and it’ll go away.” He disappeared into the kitchen and brought me a glass of water to take the tablets with.

I thought about arguing with him, but I did have a headache and maybe the pills would help. I flipped the box over and read the ingredients. The extra strength seemed to consist of a small dose of aspirin and a lot of caffeine added to a basic acetaminophen; nothing that would cause me any problems. I popped two of the pills and washed them down with the water Tan had left for me.

Tan was busy lining up his chocolate bars. I tried to read more about the expedition and figure out what Tan was up to at the same time. The Montana badlands lost the battle as Tan started measuring the bars against his fingers. I was beginning to have certain suspicions that I was not about to voice. I didn’t want to give him any other ideas if I was wrong.

“Are you going to eat those or just play with them?” I couldn’t help asking after several minutes.

“Both. Maybe.” Tan stopped squeezing the top of a bar and put it back on the table before grinning at me. “Did you want one?”

From the tone of his voice my suspicions were correct. I put my book aside carefully and snatched the Snickers bar before Tan could stop me. It was the only one with nuts in and I forced myself to eat it before Tan could take it back.

“I was going to eat that one.” Tan pouted.

“’S what I was afraid of,” I said through a mouthful of sticky bar.

Tan just laughed and waved a Mars bar at me.


From LD user pd_singer

Calvin & Rhys
decide, feline, repeat


Calvin & Rhys

Run or surrender? Calvin had to decide. Now.

Rhys was moving toward him with that feline grace that meant he was horny. He had his heavy-lidded gaze fixed on Calvin and licked his lips.

Calvin could feel his pulse beating faster and pushing more blood into his cock. If he was going to run it would have to be soon before he got hard enough to make it uncomfortable. A large part of him, including his cock, wanted to forget about running away from Rhys and just move straight to surrender.

But if he ran it would prolong the encounter and the satisfaction would be even greater when he did surrender. Calvin had no doubt that he would surrender to Rhys; there was no way Rhys would ever surrender to him in this mood.

Calvin sprang away from Rhys and dodged behind a tree. He hoped that Rhys hadn’t heard the whimper of disappointment that had escaped. He could hear Rhys running after him and pushed the pace. Now he had decided to run he had to make it a good chase.

Rhys was gaining on him no matter how hard he dodged or how fast he ran. Calvin panted, drawing more air into his lungs in the hope it would give him just a fraction more speed. He burst from the trees and into a grassy clearing with Rhys close on his heels and then he was rolling over and over tangled with Rhys.

They came to rest with Calvin on his back and Rhys pinning him there. Calvin surrendered and let his body relax. He stretched his neck, lifting his chin to expose his vulnerable throat, a sign that Rhys would recognise even in his aroused state.

Rhys’ teeth settled either side of Calvin’s throat and bit down gently. Calvin allowed himself to breathe again. Teasing Rhys was a dangerous game and one day he would go too far.

But that day wasn’t today. Rhys growled and lifted his weight from Calvin’s body in a silent demand. Calvin obeyed rolling to his stomach as fast as he could and presenting his ass.

Rhys rumbled his approval and covered Calvin’s smaller body with his own, thrusting home. Calvin yowled as he was stretched and filled. His body bucked back against Rhys demanding more.

Rhys obliged and drove them both to a rapid climax. They rested for a couple of minutes, panting together and still joined before going for a repeat.

Calvin loved being a wereleopard. Leopards had a fast recovery time and could come repeatedly which Rhys proceeded to demonstrate.

Oh, yes, Calvin thought, running had been the best choice.


From LJ user twillery

Noodles, wild rose(s), typewriter


Jase & Theo

Jase glanced out of the window and saw Theo wading through the long grass cradling something in his hands. Curious to know what Theo had found to bring home Jase saved his document and headed to the kitchen to open the back door.

“These are for you.” Theo transferred the wild roses in his hands to Jase’s. “I thought they might give you something pretty to look at when you are writing,” Theo said and then laughed, “Or rather when you aren’t writing.”

“They are beautiful.” Jase sniffed carefully and caught the scent of the roses. “I’m sure they’ll inspire me when you are busy.”

“As if I’m ever too busy to inspire you any way you want me to.” Theo brushed a gentle kiss over Jase’s lips. “You want me to make lunch while you put them in water?”

“Sure.” Jase carried his flowers to the sink and waited until Theo had filled the kettle before laying them down on the drainer. “How many more days until pay day?”

“Only another two days and we can have something beside noodles.”

“You shouldn’t have bought me a computer.” Jase bit his lip and sighed. “I really love it and I’m writing faster and all, but I could have carried on with the old typewriter.”

“No, love, you couldn’t have carried on with that antique. You need to be able to email an electronic manuscript and now you can.”

“But we could have eaten properly and you already put up with so much.”

“It isn’t putting up with much to give you a chance at your dream.”

“Thank you.” Jase looked down at his roses rather than at Theo. Maybe wouldn’t notice his watery eyes.

“Lunch is served.” Theo put the plates on the table. “Hurry up before it gets cold.”

Jase managed to wipe his eyes and hands before setting the jar with the roses in the middle of the table and taking his seat.

“You know they used to eat roses,” he mused staring at the flowers as he chewed his noodles.

“Maybe tomorrow, let’s just enjoy looking at them for now.” Theo chuckled.


From LJ   user 4tonedeaf

Caleb   & Brad
eyeball, Toilet paper, journal



Brad & Caleb

Today Caleb gave me the hairy eyeball just because we were out of toilet roll and threatened to use my journal instead. I found an old pack of wet wipes and he settled for them, but I’ll have to remember to go buy some toilet rolls later or there’ll be that bellow of “Brad!” and my journal will be in danger again.

I don’t know why Caleb hates my journal so much. He’s the one who suggested I keep one. He said I could write down the good things that happened every day and then they’d be there for me to remember when I needed cheering up on a bad day. He was right and it works.

I don’t have that many bad days anymore, but I do like to make sure I’ve got and long list of good things just in case. There are always lots of good things about Caleb that I want to record and have ready to drive the dark away.


From LJ user ali_wilde
Bradie and Wolfgang
pancakes, cauliflower, sherbet lemons


Bradie and Wolfgang

“Bradie, are you sure that cauliflower pancakes are a good idea?”

“Stop worrying Wolfie, everything will be fine. Some cheese sauce and a bit of pepper and they’ll be asking for seconds; especially after I tell them it is a home-grown organic cauliflower.”

“Please don’t call me Wolfie in front of my parents-“

“Hush. I know you have to be Wolfgang all through the visit. I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t. I’m just nervous. My parents are scary.”

“I think your parents are great – they gave me you!”

“Aww. Don’t make me tear up when they’ll be knocking on the door any minute.”

“That sounds like them now. Give me a kiss and remember I’ve hidden our stash of sherbet lemons for a celebration once the evening is done.”

“I don’t deserve you Bradie.”

“Yes you do or I wouldn’t deserve you. Now go let your parents in.”


From LJ user kim620

mud, sprinklers, towels


Gareth & Rex

“No! You aren’t coming in the house like that.” Gareth pointed back to the lawn. “Go rinse off under the sprinklers. I’ll get some towels.”

Rex tried his best puppy dog eyes but Gareth wasn’t swayed and kept pointing at the sprinklers. Rex let his head droop and his ears and his tail, but Gareth still wouldn’t let him in the house. Rex turned away from the door and walked slowly towards the sprinklers, casting accusing looks over his shoulder.

Ugh. The water was cold. And wet. Rex stood beneath the spray and let everything droop. Gareth was being mean. Gareth did that sometimes, especially when Rex shifted. He was probably jealous, Rex decided as gritty water trickled between his toes.

If Gareth could shift and run with Rex then there wouldn’t be all this fuss about a bit of mud when they got home. If Gareth could shift his nose would work right and he wouldn’t make all those faces when Rex found a really good scent to roll in.

But if Gareth could shift who would rub Rex with warm towels when he was cold and wet after a good run? Who would give him those nice chewy chews? Who would scratch his ears?

Maybe it was best if Gareth didn’t shift.





Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 6th October 2011:


From LJ user edenwinters

Smorgasbord, alfalfa, apprentice


Clive & Henri

Clive sighed and shook his head. Some days he wasn’t sure what had possessed him to take on an apprentice. He would have claimed that Henri had cast some sort of spell if he didn’t know just how badly Henri’s spells turned out.

“What did I ask you to do, Henri?”

“You asked me to create a buffet lunch,” Henri said to his shoes.

“And what do we have on the table, Henri?”

“Alfalfa.” Henri’s muttered response was barely audible.

“It is very good quality alfalfa,” Clive admitted feeling sorry for his apprentice. “But we don’t have any livestock to appreciate it.”

“I could-“ Henri’s head shot up and his eyes glowed with enthusiasm.

“No!” Clive shouted. He coughed and repeated in a more moderate tone, “No, you will not do anything. There isn’t room in our kitchen for a herd of elephants.”

“I wasn’t going to create elephants.” Henri pouted and blinked his suspiciously moist eyes.

“Not deliberately.” Clive pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to stop the headache forming, without much success. Henri’s enthusiasm was a beautiful thing, nearly as beautiful as his full lips, but there was only so much disaster that Clive could cope with in a day. “Do you have any idea why the buffet lunch turned into alfalfa?”

“I was picturing the smorgasbord we saw at the inn when we visited the city.” Henri’s forehead creased in thought. “I remembered that it had all sorts of salad and vegetables which I know that you like.” Henri’s voice dropped to a whisper, “And I might have thought about alfalfa sprouts in particular.”

“I’m not going to ask why.” Clive sighed and muttered a few words to clear the table redirecting the alfalfa to a neighbouring field of cows. “I know I’ve explained how important it is to visualise what you want clearly.”

“You have and I do,” Henri said quickly trying to forestall another lecture on the topic. “At least I try to but it doesn’t seem to work for me.”

“After lunch you will go outside and work on producing something small and harmless, like a flower, for the rest of the afternoon.” Clive muttered a quick spell and two cheese and pickle sandwiches appeared on the table.

“What sort of flower?” Henri asked through a mouthful of sandwich.

“I think a violet would be the best,” Clive replied after rejecting the impulse to allow Henri a free choice. “No roses or sunflowers.”

“We could just go back to bed and I could study you some more,” Henri suggested after he finished his sandwich.

“No. Not until you bring me one created violet.” Clive was tempted but he was supposed to be teaching Henri magic outside the bedchamber – Henri already had a firm grasp on the magic found within the bedchamber. A very firm and skilled grasp on the subject which Clive appreciated.

Later that evening Clive was luxuriating in the aftermath of Henri’s firm grasp, and Henri was dozing beside him. A small but perfect violet hung over the side of a small glass of water on the dresser in their bedroom.

Perfect if violets came in that shade of fluorescent orange.

From LJ user ali_wilde

Hawthorne and Remington

penguin, diamond, mobile phone


Hawthorne and Remington

“Do you think your sister would like a new mobile phone for Christmas?” Remington cocked his head to one side and studied the image on his computer screen.

“Only if it’s diamond encrusted,” Hawthorne muttered and hauled himself off the settee to stand behind Remington.

“It’s got a sparkly heart on it.” Remington pointed to the appropriate image.

“She’d go for it,” Hawthorne admitted. “Why are you looking for Christmas presents in October?”

“Because if we get the presents now then we can go skiing when everyone else is shopping in December.”

“And why would we want to go skiing? It’s cold and snowy. I don’t like cold.”

“Mm. But we could have our own log cabin with an open fire and we could snuggle on the couch.”

“That sounds better. Would it have central heating?”

“Of course. There might even be a hot tub.”

“And a bearskin rug?”

“It could be arranged.”

“And we don’t have to go skiing?”

“Not if you really don’t want to.” Remington didn’t let himself smile.

“Good. I’ll stay by the fire and watch the penguins play in the snow.”

“Now that might be more difficult to arrange, I don’t think there are many ski resorts with penguins.”

“Why don’t they have penguins? There’s snow so why no penguins?” Hawthorne demanded.

“Penguins like the sea and most ski resorts are in the mountains.” Remington knew better than trying to explain the global distribution of wildlife again. Hawthorne was convinced that penguins should be common garden birds and nothing anyone said could change his mind. At least he had accepted that penguins liked snow and ice – it explained why there weren’t any migratory penguins around.

From LJ user rapidess

Nick & Will

Disc, layer, tray


Nick & Will

“You’ve got to see this!” Nick slid the disc into the tray with one hand and operated the remote with the other.

“Not more of your porn,” Will said with a sigh and glared at his flatmate. “How many times do I have to tell you I’m gay? Watching women’s jiggly bits doesn’t do anything good for me.”

“I got the message when you nearly puked when I put the lesbian mud wrestling one on. But this one has men’s jiggly bits too so you should be able to get something out of it.” Nick flopped onto the couch and fast forwarded through the ads.

“I still don’t know why you insist on me watching your porn,” Will muttered but sat at the other end of the couch. He could do a bit of perving whilst Nick was watching the screen. Why were all the hot ones taken or straight? It just wasn’t fair.

“Watching porn on your own is just sad.” Nick glanced away from the screen long enough to grin at Will. “You wouldn’t want to live with a sad bloke would you?”

“I’ll watch this one if you’ll watch one of mine.” Will was expecting an instant refusal rather than the stunned look that the comment got. Nick stared at him without even glancing back at the screen, blue eyes wide and mouth open.

“You have gay porn? Why didn’t you tell me?” Nick recovered enough to ask.

“Because I didn’t want you to know that you lived with a sad bastard who watches porn by himself?” Will fought not to laugh at the expressions flitting across Nick’s face.

“Okay,” Nick finally replied to the question. “I guess I owe you for watching so many of mine. I don’t suppose there are any girls in it?”

“No. No girls at all.” Will couldn’t help grinning. “It’s for gay men so it has men with big cocks going at it hammer and tongs.”

“Oh.” Nick swallowed audibly but didn’t offer any excuses to avoid the ordeal.

Will sat back and looked at the screen not really seeing the naked jiggly bits. Seducing your flatmate wasn’t a very sensible thing to do, but maybe getting Nick to watch gay porn would strip away one of the layers of straight and get him thinking about trying something with another man. Or at least stop him wandering around near naked.

Either outcome would help make Will’s life easier.


From LJ user neriah


Yum yums, caterwaul, diet, rubber binders


Arlo & Tim

Arlo watched Tim from IT walk away across the office before sitting down at his desk once more. The walls of his cube closed in around him and blocked the sight of Tim’s fine ass. The cube walls also reduced the caterwauling of the others in the large open plan office to a mere hubbub.

Arlo sighed and made a half-hearted attempt to get back to work now that Tim had sorted out the software glitch. His fingers tapped keys and his eyes were on the screen, but the form could have been in Swahili for all the sense it was making to Arlo.

With another sigh he stopped typing and concentrated on adding more rubber binders to the uneven ball on his desk. When he ran out of fresh supplies for the ball he rolled it across the desk top to see if he had improved the roundness.

He hadn’t. The ball wobbled along and took a sharp turn to the left before coming to rest in a crinkling of cellophane against the pack of yum yums. Arlo’s fingers automatically followed the ball and selected a yum yum.

The rush of sugary goodness lifted his spirits for a moment before he remembered that he had decided to go on a diet while watching Tim. Arlo crammed the rest of the dohnut into his mouth in case his conscience insisted that he throw it away half eaten. He did put the rest of the pack in a desk drawer to reduce temptation.

Arlo knew that he had to do something if he wanted to attract Tim. Office gossip had labelled Tim gay a long time ago so Arlo didn’t have that excuse for not approaching the handsome man, but what was the point of approaching a fit, good looking and downright hot man when you were fat, unfit and unappealing?

Arlo got up and fetched himself some water from the water cooler. Water was healthy and the water cooler was at the far end of the office so it must count as exercise to fetch it. Arlo vowed to drink water every hour and not have any of the office coffee – except maybe one cup first thing and one with his lunch. If he was going to eat salads for lunch then he deserved the reward of caffeine.

He felt much happier when he got back to his desk. Doing healthy things was obviously good for him. When he started the diet properly tomorrow he would feel wonderful. He opened the drawer to get out a pen and moved the pack of yum yums aside to reach one.

Arlo licked the last of the sugar from his fingers and got back to work determined to make himself into someone that Tim would give a second glance.


From LJ user idamus


‘So we meet again’, Movies


Alex & Mike

Mike felt conspicuous hanging around outside the cinema. He felt like everyone who joined the queue and disappeared inside the doors was laughing at him. Okay not everyone, there were quite a few sympathetic looks. They all thought that he had been stood up by his date though which wasn’t true.

Or at least it wasn’t true yet. Alex might not turn up, but there was at least another hour before their movie started so Alex wasn’t even late yet. Mike wished they’d agreed to meet somewhere else.

Two years ago it had seemed perfectly reasonable to say they’d meet outside the cinema for the Saturday afternoon showing of the sequel to the film they’d just watched as a temporary goodbye date. Alex was going to spend most of that time abroad doing charity work and Mike was heading across the country to an eighteen month internship.

They’d grown up together, gone to school together, gone to the same college and then separated. It had hurt a lot more than Mike expected. He had missed Alex so much, even the exciting opportunities of the internship had been less exciting without Alex to share them with.

They had exchanged the occasional letter and, once, a phone call. Alex was out in the wilds without internet or phone signal. Mike hadn’t let on how miserable he was. Alex had sounded so pleased with the work he was doing in the back of beyond that Mike tried to sound equally happy with his lonely life.

It was possible that Alex wouldn’t show up today. Mike tried not to think about that. He didn’t know what he would do if Alex didn’t show, which was one of the reasons for being here so early. Mike couldn’t stay away worrying about it when he could be here and waiting.

Mike huddled into his coat and leaned against the wall to try and shelter from the wind. He forced himself to stare at his shoes rather than get whiplash from trying to look both ways up and down the street and ignore the stares from passersby.

“So we meet again.”

Mike’s head shot up so fast he banged the back of it on the wall. The words were drawled in an exaggerated Hollywood accent but it was Alex’s voice doing the drawling. Mike blinked and rubbed the bump on his head as he stared at Alex. Two years hadn’t changed him much, he was a little thinner and a little more worn, but Mike would have recognised him anywhere.

“It’s good to see you,” Mike said aloud, all his carefully considered greetings forgotten as their eyes locked and a silent conversation was carried on with the faster beat of their hearts. “The film doesn’t start for another hour, do you want to go get some coffee first?”

“Sure.” Alex grinned. “But first I want a hug!”

Mike almost fell into Alex’s arms and something deep inside began to relax for the first time in two years.

From Rain

Lump, bottle, timid


Eddie & Lawson

Eddie grabbed two bottles from the fridge – water not beer as Lawson needed hydration not alcohol – and headed for the couch where his boyfriend was a shapeless lump huddled under a blanket.

“Let’s watch a DVD,” Eddie said cheerfully.

The only answer was a groan from under the blanket. Eddie ignored the less than enthusiastic response and picked an action packed adventure from their collection – the fact that it was one of Lawson’s favourites was purely coincidental.

“Come here,” Eddie ordered settling himself in the corner of the couch. “We can get comfortable before it starts.”

There was another groan and a mutter of “Germs!” before the blanket started to move.

“Never mind the germs, I’ve already been exposed.” Eddie tugged at the edge of the blanket and Lawson’s head appeared. Eddie smiled at the disgruntled, red-nosed visage emerging from the brightly patterned microfiber. “You’re looking better.”

“Huh. I don’t feel better,” Lawson complained but turned himself around to lay against Eddie’s chest.

“Here take these.” Eddie handed Lawson the cold cure pills and one of the bottles of water.

Lawson gave him an evil look, but swallowed the pills obediently before handing the water back and clutching his tissue box to his chest. Eddie rearranged the blanket and settled his arms around Lawson as the film started.

He smiled and brushed a kiss to the top of Lawson’s head a few minutes later when the snuffling snores assured him that he wouldn’t be told off for risking the germs. Eddie hoped that Lawson’s cold would get better soon, Lawson was a very bad patient and had a lot of cranky ideas about what they could and couldn’t do while sick.

Eddie had a list of things waiting on Lawson’s recovery that didn’t end with kissing.

From LJ user andy_slayde

Faint, Ferment, Finger bowl, Fledgling, Fornication


Peter & Greg

Greg slapped two bowls of chilli on the table and handed Peter a spoon before sitting down.

“What is this?” Peter asked cautiously poking his spoon into the bowl.

“Chilli,” Greg said around a mouthful.

“It doesn’t have anything else with it? Like rice or bread?” Peter lifted the spoon slowly and put it in his mouth.

“Yeah, forgot the milk!” Greg shovelled some more chilli and jumped up to get two glasses and pulled the milk from the fridge to put on the table.

“Milk?” Peter said his eyes watering from the hot chilli.

“Mm. Helps soothe the burn,” Greg said happily shovelling more chilli into his mouth.

Peter reached for the milk and poured himself a glass, drinking half of it before risking any more chilli.

Greg started to feel guilty a few minutes later as Peter struggled to eat the super hot family recipe chilli. It wasn’t Peter’s fault that he came from old money and had grown up eating cordon bleu food instead of the real thing. The argument hadn’t even been Peter’s fault. It had all been Greg’s insecurities, although the fermented goat’s cheese entrée at the expensive restaurant hadn’t helped. The place had finger bowls for Christsakes, how was Greg supposed to enjoy the food when you needed a degree in etiquette to figure out which knife and fork to use?

Feeding Peter chilli wasn’t really going to do any favours for their fledgling relationship. Greg sighed and snatched Peter’s bowl away. “Sorry,” he muttered, “I’m being an ass about this.”

“No.” Peter reached for the bowl. “You were right to upbraid me about my unconscionable attitude. We should eat your sort of food not just mine. This relationship is about more than fornication.”

“It might be about more than fucking,” Greg couldn’t help enjoying the blush the crude word produced, “But that doesn’t mean I should torture you with things you don’t like. I’m going to order some pizza and put the chilli away.”

“I haven’t had enough to know if I don’t like it,” Peter protested but let Greg remove the bowls.

“Damned with faint praise.” Greg grinned. “Don’t add polite lies to our problems or we’ll never get sorted out.”

“Sorry.” Peter sighed. “How long will it take the pizza to arrive?”

“About half-an-hour once I call it in,” Greg settled back at the table and poured himself some milk. “Why? Are you thinking of occupying our time with some fornication?”

“I was thinking more of a quick fuck,” Peter said with another blush.


From LJ user kim620

Socks, Butterflies, Peanut Butter, Whistling


Gerrard & Ted

Gerrard bit back a waspish comment about Ted’s infernal whistling. Ted was enjoying himself and Gerrard had agreed to this expedition. They couldn’t walk forever, they had to find somewhere for their picnic soon before Gerrard’s legs fell off.

It was another hour before Ted led them into a grassy clearing full of butterflies. Gerrard had to admit that it was a stunning setting. There was even a little stream burbling through the grass and wildflowers.

Ted settled down beside the stream and stripped off his boots and socks to soak his feet in the water. Gerrard followed suit and sighed with relief as his hot, aching feet started to go numb instantly in the freezing water.

The butterflies seemed to like peanut butter sandwiches and Gerrard had to wave them off as he ate. Later he had to admit that Ted looked good adorned with the colourful insects and nothing else.

And maybe if he refused to think about the walk back it wouldn’t happen.


From LJ user gabrielsknife

Garden, Feather, Lotion, Deer

And names: Tommy, Denver, Miguel, and Alex. Have fun!


Tommy, Denver, Miguel, and Alex

“Where are Tommy and Denver?” Alex asked when Miguel came through the back door. Having their first houseguests was slightly stressful even if they were good friends.

“Putting lotion on each other and wondering if they’ll get to see a deer.” Miguel grinned and twirled a feather between his fingers.

“Ah! So they won’t be wanting drink or food just yet then.” Alex grinned back.

“No. I think they’ll be occupied at the bottom of the garden for a while.” Miguel moved closer. “Certainly long enough for us to see what we can do with this fine feather.”


“Yes, just in case they come back too soon.”

Miguel followed Alex up the stairs to their bedroom enjoying the view.

“My Gran used to tell us stories about fairies at the bottom of the garden,” Alex said as he stripped off his shirt.

“I bet none of those stories involved lotion.”




Prompt fics from Torquere Livejournal 2nd December 2011:


To be added.


The End


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