Johnny and Graham Have a Presentation

Warnings: M/M, bad humour, only a hint of outside (and no proper smut?)

“Are you sure we have to do this?” Johnny tugged at the collar of the white dress shirt and tried to loosen the tie that was threatening to strangle him. He didn’t know why some idiot had invented clothes like this or why other idiots insisted on wearing them. Or why he had joined the ranks of idiots and now owned, and was wearing, a suit.

“Yes, we have to do this!” Graham knocked Johnny’s hands away and straightened the tie, smoothing down the collar of the shirt and letting his hands rest briefly on Johnny’s solid chest. He snatched them away before he could give in to the temptation to slide his fingers between the buttons and enjoy all the silky skin covered in crisp white cotton. He buttoned the suit jacket to prove to himself that he did have some control and stepped back to survey the effect. Johnny always looked good. Even in his filthy and torn work clothes he looked hot. But Johnny in a suit and tie was something beyond hot. The jacket had been specially tailored to fit Johnny’s broad shoulders and trim waist. And it had been worth every penny. Graham’s fingers tingled and itched to peel all that fine clothing away and reveal the fit body beneath. It was going to be a very long evening. But Johnny deserved to get the public recognition of all his hard work. Reading hadn’t come easily to him. Tonight was for Johnny, even if Johnny would rather have ignored it all and was only going to the presentation because he thought it would help Graham’s teaching career.

“We could just stay here and play strip poker,” Johnny suggested hopefully. He was very good at recognising when Graham was lusting after his body. Not that it was difficult to spot that slightly glazed expression and the softening of his wide lips. Graham wore that look whenever he looked at Johnny. And Johnny was fairly sure he had a similar look on his face whenever he looked at Graham. It still amazed him that Graham looked at him like that…

“No.” Graham stepped back, putting himself further from temptation. “We are going!” He led the way to the door. “I am going to spend the time thinking about when I get you home and peel you out of that suit!”

“And knowing you are mentally stripping me is supposed to make this better?” Johnny folded himself into the passenger seat of Graham’s compact and made sure that his shoulder brushed Graham’s as his lover drove.

“It’ll make it better for me!” Graham shot him a smouldering glance before returning his attention to the road. “You haven’t had to sit through one of these things before. The speeches are excruciating!”

“We could get there late and miss most of them…” Johnny suggested. Although making out in Graham’s cramped car would be difficult, nothing was impossible.

“No.” Graham said firmly, “We are going to listen to the speeches, you are going to get your certificate, we are going to eat their food and then we are going home…”

“To have hot monkey sex? I need something to look forward to!” Johnny stretched slightly, letting his body rub against Graham’s suggestively.

“I think we could pencil in the hot monkey sex after we get home,” Graham grinned and started to calculate just how early they could leave.

Johnny sat on the uncomfortably hard, and small, chair next to Graham with relief. He had survived the introductory cocktails and met a lot of important people. There were a few familiar faces from the program but they hadn’t exchanged more than a few words. None of them fitted in here and they weren’t sure if talking to each other was a parole violation, not that they had been friends inside or anything. He stuck close to Graham and kept his mouth shut. He felt twitchy and uncomfortable trying to fit into Graham’s world. He would have felt even worse if Graham hadn’t kept touching him. Only small touches, nothing that would draw attention, just brushes of the hand or finger tips or elbows; just enough to let Johnny know he wasn’t alone or forgotten. He was almost looking forward to the speeches because he wouldn’t be expected to talk to anyone while the important people were speaking. Well, not until he had to stand up and walk up on stage to get his certificate. It hadn’t seemed that difficult a task until he got here.

“They’re just people,” Graham leaned close and murmured in his ear, “Imagine them in their underwear, if it makes them seem less intimidating.”

Johnny shot him a look but tried to imagine the Mayor in cartoon boxers. It wasn’t a pleasant image. He tried to listen to the speeches but they didn’t seem to be saying much, apart from how clever they all were to provide opportunities for the disadvantaged. Johnny didn’t like being labelled ‘disadvantaged’ so he imagined the rather stout woman currently speaking in a black leather corset, and added a ball gag when she kept talking. Maybe Graham’s idea had some uses after all. Mentally he put the prison governor in pink, frilly, little-girl panties and added a large pink pacifier to the outfit. The chief of police got diapers and fluffy handcuffs…

Johnny was feeling much more relaxed when Graham lent over during one of the lulls and whispered in his ear again.

“I’m wearing the black silk thong…”

Gah. Johnny fought to uncross his eyes and shifted on the hard seat. At least the suit pants were cut generously. He loved Graham in the black silk thong. It was almost too small, more of a posing pouch than a thong really. And it looked even better on Graham than it had in Johnny’s imagination when he bought it for his lover. It left interesting gaps when full of Graham, just large enough to slide a finger beneath the elastic edges at the front; and the view from behind was spectacular, with the black silk disappearing into the cleft of Graham’s ass… Graham didn’t wear it very often and usually only when Johnny insisted on it as a ‘reward’. Knowing that Graham was sitting next to him, wearing the silk thong underneath his oh so proper suit; the suit that he would get to rip off later… Johnny swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth and tried to think of something else; he had to get up and walk on to the stage soon. At least his jacket was long enough to help disguise his current state of arousal.

Somehow he survived the walk and accepted his certificate without whimpering or drooling or falling over, and the look of pride on Graham’s face as he applauded made the torture almost worthwhile. Johnny settled cautiously back into his chair and tried to surreptitiously adjust his aching erection into a more comfortable position that didn’t involve some part of Graham. He stared blindly at the certificate. Maybe he should get some more of them if they made Graham look like that…

They filed out of the auditorium after everyone had their certificates and the last speech had been made. There was only the food and then Johnny could drag Graham home; and strip that suit off him; and bury his cock in the heat of Graham’s ass; or Graham’s mouth; or even just Graham’s hand. Johnny wasn’t sure he was going to have the patience or control for anything other than coming as hard and fast as he could. At least, not the first time.

“Why don’t we take your certificate out to the car before it gets crushed?” Graham suggested, “We would have to queue for a while to get to the food or drink,” he gestured at the milling crowd obscuring the tables. “The worst of the crush will have died down in a few minutes.”

“I could do with some fresh air,” Johnny muttered and followed Graham outside. They walked round to the car, cutting through the formal gardens to reach it. Several other people seemed to have the same idea and Johnny almost snarled with frustration, he had hoped to get some groping and kissing to tide him over the next hour or so. “We could go home now,” he suggested as Graham unlocked the car, “I’ve got my certificate and we listened to the speeches.”

“No.” Graham put the certificate carefully on the back seat, giving Johnny a good view of his ass as he bent over and stretched. “The food is the good part! We aren’t missing that! I’m sure you can wait a bit longer for the hot monkey sex.”

“I can wait,” Johnny replied in what sounded like a pathetic whine, even to him, “I just don’t wanna wait.”

“It’ll be worth it,” Graham smirked at him as they strolled back towards the building.

“Promises, promises,” Johnny muttered sullenly. “Why did you tell me you are wearing the thong?” Graham just arched an eyebrow and smirked more. “Why are you wearing the thong?”

“I thought you liked the thong?” Graham mock-pouted.

“I do. I love the thong,” Johnny replied fervently, “Just why tonight?”

“Oh, because you love it,” Graham said thoughtfully as they approached the steps, “Because I like how hot and bothered it makes you, knowing I’m wearing it,” he climbed a couple of steps and paused to look over his shoulder with a truly evil smirk, “And because it helps keep the butt plug in place.” He walked up the rest of the steps and through the door without looking back.

Johnny stood stock still at the base of the steps with his mouth open, staring at the door as his brain short circuited and all his blood pooled in his groin, leaving him feeling very light-headed. And very, very horny. He closed his mouth and stalked slowly up the steps after his lover. Graham would pay for this! He would just grab him and drag him right back out of this stupid gathering and out of enough clothes to…

Damn! Graham was near a food table, talking to his boss. Johnny couldn’t pounce him in front of the very important Professor. Damn! He was just going to have to be patient, if it killed him. Could you die of sexual frustration? Could your balls really explode from not coming? Could torture really be this good? Maybe it was time to introduce Graham to a few more toys…

Gah. Thinking things like that wasn’t going to make the next hour or so any easier to bear. At least he didn’t have to drive home. He could spend the time imagining… no! Not right now. He did not need any more images right now. Graham looked across the room and smiled sweetly at him. Only Johnny could see the evil glint in his eyes.

Disclaimer: All stories on this site are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No part of any story found on this site may be reproduced or reposted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

© Copyright Mara Ismine 2007

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