Johnny and Graham Have a Picnic

Warnings: M/M, bad humour, (and abuse of foodstuffs?)

“How did you find this place?” Graham lay on the blanket and watched the fluffy clouds float across a perfect blue sky. The sun was driving off the chill of the cold water and he still felt that awkward, illicit thrill of being stark naked in the open air and going skinny dipping. It wasn’t something he had ever thought would happen in his life. But then he never thought a nerdy bookworm like him would ever be able to have someone like Johnny in his life either. Johnny’s beautiful body was made for being naked and skinny dipping and so many other exciting things.

“I have my sources!” Johnny grinned at him and waggled his eyebrows.

“Do I want to know?” Graham tried to tease but couldn’t help feeling worried. He didn’t want Johnny breaking his parole and having to go back to prison. He didn’t want them to lose the life they were building together just for a perfect place to go skinny dipping.

“Don’t fret,” Johnny leaned over and kissed him gently, his lips still cool from the water. “Some guy at work mentioned this place and I checked it out. I thought you might enjoy it.”

“I am enjoying it,” Graham wound his arms around Johnny’s neck and tried to pull him back down for another kiss. It frustrated him that he couldn’t budge his golden lover and the implicit strength thrilled him too. He was used to losing this sort of contest, so he just smirked and used his grip to pull himself up to meet Johnny’s lips, with a fleeting thought about mountains and Mohamed. But his lover was much more interesting than philosophy any day and the thought flitted away as they kissed.

“Picnic first,” Johnny insisted, peeling Graham’s arms from around his neck far too easily for Graham’s liking. “Making out after!”

“How about making out first, then picnic, then more making out?” Graham suggested hopefully. But Johnny just shook his head and started poking about in the pack he had carried to their hidden oasis. Graham huffed a sigh of disappointment but contented himself with looking at Johnny in all his naked glory. He was pleased to note that Johnny hadn’t been totally unaffected by their kiss after all.

“Do you remember one of our early lessons?” Johnny asked suddenly, still delving in the pack, although he had placed a few things behind him; but Graham wasn’t sure exactly what because he had better things to look at than picnic food.

“The one where we discussed fruit?” Johnny continued glancing up and grinning at Graham.

“How could I forget? It was hardly a discussion. I was trying to teach you to recognise the words for different fruits and you just kept on about how good they were with whipped cream,” Graham rolled his eyes at the memory but grinned as well. That had been the day when they had made a break through with Johnny’s reading or rather Johnny’s incentive to read.

“You promised that if I could read you all the writing on a can of whipped cream you would provide me all the fruit I needed to eat it with,” Johnny was grinning at him in a faintly worrying way with one hand still hidden inside the back pack. “Do you remember that?”

“Of course!” Graham smiled at the memory of finally finding something Johnny would work at reading for. “I never did get you the fruit, did I?”

“I never read you the can,” Johnny shrugged one shoulder and his grin spread. “But it just so happens that I have a can right here!” He drew the familiar looking aerosol out of the pack and started shaking it slowly.

“But I don’t have any fruit with me…” Graham protested weakly as his eyes followed the movement of the can gripped in Johnny’s fist. He licked his suddenly dry lips as he felt his body react to that oh so suggestive motion; and whimpered as Johnny’s thumb caressed a drop of condensation from the pointed plastic cap.

“I’m sure we can make do with what you do have with you,” Johnny’s voice had dropped into that husky rumble that made Graham’s toes curl. “I’ll just read the can and then we’ll see if I deserve the reward.”

“Eeep,” was the best that Graham could manage in response.

“… 95% real dairy cream… with sugar… try a swirl of real dairy cream on your favourite dessert… hot… drink… and even cock… tails,” Johnny read slowly his eyes flicking to Graham as he emphasised some words rather than others. “… serve… and eat straight away… shake can… spray… rinse thoroughly after use… makes over twenty servings…” Johnny paused to lick his own lips as his eyes ran openly over Graham’s trembling body. He read the ingredients so quickly that the words ran together in one breath. “Do I deserve a reward?” He asked bending towards Graham as he resumed the lazy shaking that was more a rocking motion of his wrist and seemed to keep Graham spellbound.

Graham nodded, panting lightly, as his eyes stayed glued to the moving can. He whimpered again as Johnny’s thumb slid up the can and flipped the cap off.

“You remember the deal?” Johnny asked with the can rocking gently, “I get all the fruit I need to eat the whole can, right?”

“Ehmm,” Graham squeaked in agreement, all rational thought long fled under Johnny’s bright gaze and the moving can.

“And you provide all the fruit I want?” Johnny leaned closer, his face filling Graham’s vision.

“ f..fruit,” Graham managed to stutter.

“There is plenty of fruit from where I’m sitting,” Johnny said smugly, drawing back slightly to eye Graham’s naked and very aroused body consideringly. “I’ll start with these little berries here,” he brushed a finger lightly over Graham’s tightly swollen red nipples; “And then I’ll move on to something a little larger,” his finger trailed down Graham’s body, making his skin jerk and shiver; “Cream is good with plums,” his finger circled Graham’s balls, moving the taut skin over the sensitive globes; “And finally there is my favourite,” Johnny’s grin was positively evil as his finger trailed upwards along the throbbing vein of Graham’s quivering cock, “Banana split!”

“Gwrgh,” Graham’s hips thrust mindlessly as his brain shut down completely, his last semi-coherent thought that he would be creaming himself before Johnny ever got around to using the can of so thoroughly shaken cream. And next time someone called him a fruit he might be tempted to kiss them…


Disclaimer: All stories on this site are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No part of any story found on this site may be reproduced or reposted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

© Copyright Mara Ismine 2007

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