Johnny and Graham Do Some Reading

A/N: For B because studying can always be improved by smut!

Ideas stolen from an LJ discussion about how boring textbooks are. B named Johnny and MF named Graham and put them together… I just decided to explore the idea a little and naturally they ended up in a bathroom.

Graham looked up and smiled as Johnny arrived home. Construction work suited Johnny. His skin was sun-kissed. His hair bleached by the weeks of sunshine. Even the red line across Johnny’s forehead from his safety helmet looked good to Graham. Johnny grinned at him as he kicked his battered work boots off by the door and dropped his dusty backpack next to them. Graham shut his book and absently set it on the end table beside his chair, his eyes feasting on the sight before him. The grubby, faded black t-shirt hung slightly loose from Johnny’s broad shoulders, only hinting at the fine pecs hidden beneath it. Johnny’s long legs were encased in old, worn jeans that moulded to his thighs and hung low on his hip bones as he stretched and his t-shirt rode up exposing corded abs and the faint line of golden hair that arrowed down from his belly button. Graham’s thoughts stuttered and de-railed as he contemplated his gorgeous lover and how much more gorgeous he would be without the dusty work clothes.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Johnny’s grin widened as he easily read Graham’s face. It always made him feel good to see that naked lust appear in Graham’s dark eyes whenever he revealed some skin. Graham was so much cleverer than him; so much better in every way, really. Johnny still had trouble believing that they really were together; that Graham would be there at the end of each day. He kept expecting to come home and find it was all a dream and Graham was still his untouchable tutor in the reading programme. Not that Graham had given up on teaching him to read; but now the process was so much more rewarding, Johnny chuckled softly and padded across the room to press a kiss to Graham’s slightly parted lips before taking his shower.

“You could read me the instructions on the shampoo…” Graham suggested, his voice husky as he stared into Johnny’s bright blue eyes and kissed him more thoroughly. “I’ll wash your hair if you get them right…”

“Hmm,” Johnny pretended to think about it as he lifted Graham to his feet and started herding him towards the bathroom, as his mouth brushed open mouthed kisses across Graham’s face and neck. “If you read me the ingredients, I could wash your back…”

“I got some new shampoo,” Graham muttered, slightly breathless by the time they got to the bathroom where he could start stripping the grubby work clothes from Johnny’s muscular body. He had already snapped the elastic band that confined Johnny’s thick blond hair into a fat tail at the nape of his neck. He loved to run his hands through the thick, silky mass and wrap it round his fists as they made love.

“Mmmhmm,” Johnny agreed absently as he ran his hands over Graham’s chest and back as he removed the light cotton shirt hiding his lover’s body from him. He reached one long arm into the shower and turned the water on while his other arm gathered Graham close to his chest and they both groaned from the touch of skin on skin as they kissed again.

They stumbled into the shower and Johnny soaped himself rapidly, with Graham pouting as he helped. Johnny didn’t believe that Graham really found him sexy when he was dirty and sweaty straight from work. Graham was always so clean and neat. How could he find dirt and sweat a turn on? He ducked his head under the spray and soaked his hair before kneeling down. Graham moved behind him, blocking most of the water, and handed him the shampoo bottle.

“Apply to scalp and hair,” Johnny read slowly as Graham’s hands stroked over his head. His eyes tried to shut because there was just something about having Graham wash his hair that turned him to mush. Not that he would admit that to anyone.

“En-sur-ing full coverage,” Johnny forced himself to continue reading the instructions. They had rules, if he stopped reading then Graham would stop rubbing his scalp and hair. Graham’s fingers stroked the skin behind Johnny’s ears lightly in reward for the words.

“F-from root to tip,” Johnny almost moaned at the thought of Graham stroking him from root to tip right now.

“Gently mass-age in,” Johnny gasped as Graham’s hands rubbed sensuously against his scalp.

“Rinse and r-repeat,” Johnny almost moaned as Graham’s talented, artistic fingers roamed through his hair. “If,” he gulped for air before finishing the sentence, “Desired.” His voice had dropped to a husky rumble as Graham rubbed and petted his wet hair. Johnny had a vivid imagination and it was providing him with images and sensations of what those talented hands could do elsewhere on his body.

“For best results,” Johnny forced himself to continue reading the instructions as Graham stepped to one side to let the shower rinse the suds away.

“Use,” Johnny licked his lips, “Every time,” and tilted his head to put his mouth closer to Graham’s erection as he read the final words, “You…,” he watched Graham shudder as his breath gusted over the wet sensitive skin so near his lips, “Shampoo…” he could see the pulse throbbing, “Your…,” water ran down Graham’s pale and perfect body as he shivered, “Hair.” Johnny finished triumphantly. He tossed the bottle aside and grabbed Graham’s hips holding the smaller man still as he lapped the water from his pale skin, working his way swiftly to wrap his lips around Graham and fill his mouth with the taste of his lover.

This reading stuff could be really good, Johnny thought absently as he licked and sucked Graham to incoherence. And when they got to the conditioner it would be even better…

A/N2: These are word for word instructions from a bottle of Head & Shoulders and belong to Proctor&Gamble. I did think of condensing them slightly to make them even more suitable…


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