Johnny and Graham Celebrate Christmas

Part One

A Surprise for Johnny

“I’m home!” Johnny shouted. He didn’t normally have to shout when he got in. Normally Graham was there or called out or something. Graham should be here. His car was out front. Johnny shrugged and toed off his work boots thankfully. He was early because, as it was the last day before Christmas shut down, the foreman had told them all to get lost until the New Year. The site had cleared in moments with seasonal greetings and insults hurled across the roar of truck engines. Johnny shrugged out of his work coat and hung it in the curtained off end of the hall closet, kicking his dusty boots in after it.

He padded into the kitchen and found the coffee maker still on with half a pot left. Odd. Graham was normally obsessive about switching things off, even if he was only popping out for a few minutes. The apartment was silent. Johnny felt a faint stir of worry. Graham didn’t normally nap during the day, in fact Graham was comfortably predictable. Unless he had got caught up in something on that damn laptop.

Johnny poured himself some of the coffee and took the mug with him to check out the rest of the apartment. He didn’t have to look far. Graham was in the living room with his wireless earphones on, which explained why he hadn’t heard Johnny come home. Johnny’s lips twitched and he padded back to the kitchen for more coffee. Graham sure looked like he could use it.

The living room, normally spotless and tidy, looked like it had been turned over by one of Johnny’s former acquaintances. Johnny carried both mugs into the chaos, picking his way carefully through the packaging and bits of wood strewn across the floor. He hooked his foot under a cushion and flipped it neatly back onto the couch as he passed – playing soccer with the kids down the block was obviously had benefits.

“Hey! You’re home!” Graham looked up at the movement of the cushion and smiled at Johnny, slipping his head phones down to hang around his neck. Then his expression changed, rapidly cycling through a range of emotions and finally settling on something close to tears as he looked down at the piece of wood and the crumpled sheet of paper in his hands.

“Hey yourself!” Johnny held out the mug of coffee and bent to kiss Graham hello. He enjoyed the way Graham always looked happy to see him but the other expressions were not what he was normally greeted with. “Problems?”

“I wanted to have this done before you got home,” Graham waved the piece of paper, “It was going to be a surprise.”

“I can go away again, if you want,” Johnny offered without much enthusiasm, squatting down to see what Graham was working on.

“No. I don’t really want you to go away until next Christmas,” Graham shook his head, “And I reckon it will take me at least that long to figure it out. These instructions just don’t make sense.”

“Not all writing is good, you know,” Johnny teased gently. He would normally have been even more derogatory but Graham seemed so upset that he toned it down.

“I’ve spent the last three hours proving that,” Graham sighed, “It ought to be simple. A child of ten should be able to do it.”

“There are some real bright ten year olds out there,” Johnny tried to keep his voice sympathetic and hide his amusement. Graham was always the one who knew what he was doing and had the confidence to try anything. It was something new to see him like this.

“Huh!” Graham slanted him an evil look, “I am tempted to just bin this and forget about it. It was a stupid idea anyway.”

“Hey! It’s my surprise, don’t I get a say?” Johnny pouted at him, knowing just how ridiculous the expression looked on someone his size.

“Stop being cute!” Graham snapped, “I’m in a bad mood and I don’t want to laugh.”

“You sure?” Johnny leaned in and kissed him again. He might look stupid pouting but Graham looked delicious when he did it.

“Now you are trying to distract me!” Graham pulled back from the kiss with his lips all red and moist and irresistible.

“Is it working?” Johnny asked, kissing him again.

“No.” Graham lied, scowling at Johnny, “I am not going anywhere until this thing is done.”

“I thought you might say something like that,” Johnny sighed, eyeing the disaster zone that used to be the living room floor, “Am I allowed to help? Or is this one of those things you have to do for yourself?”

“You can help!” Graham said, after a short pause to look around and glance at the instructions again, “Get yourself down here!”

Johnny grinned and cautiously pushed things out of the way to create enough space for him to sit on the floor beside Graham. He could hear the tinny echoes of the Christmas carols still playing through the headphones around Graham’s neck. He reached one long arm across the back of the couch and twitched the headphone lead out of the player. The music filled the room until Johnny turned the volume down to a gentle background level.

“Show off,” Graham muttered, he would have had to get up to reach the controls across the couch. “The instructions say that you have to attach uprights, C, D, E and F, to base, B, using the screws, H.”

“Okay. But first let’s get everything together,” Johnny reached out to take the piece of wood from Graham’s hand and lay it on a clear patch of carpet in front of them. Graham sighed but joined in the hunt for pieces. Johnny put the empty packaging on the couch behind him, after each bit was searched and declared truly empty. Johnny dismantled the parts that Graham had managed to put loosely together.

“Where are you going?” Johnny looked up from contemplating the heap of bits in front of him as Graham crawled across the room in a very distracting way.

“Just remembered there’s a bit in the Christmas tree,” Graham muttered and reached into the pine tree in the corner to retrieve another part.

“Oh? You were going to use pine sap as glue?” Johnny tried not to grin.

“No! I threw the damn thing there, all right?” Graham glared at him and returned to his place, dropping the part on the heap.

Johnny slid an arm around him and gave him a quick hug. Graham leant against him for a moment before pulling himself away and picking up the instructions again. Johnny quickly sorted the pile of pieces into various matching components. He could see how it was supposed to go and he thought he could probably have it finished in ten minutes. But then he remembered that Graham had spent the last three hours struggling with this. And how upset he was about not being able to follow the instructions.

“Did you want me to read the instructions while you put it together? Or are you going to read me the instructions while I put it together?” Johnny asked, fairly sure of the answer but wanting to be certain.

“I’ll work the paper and you can work the vicious tools,” Graham pushed a screwdriver across to join the parts, “That thing has vampire relatives! It can have a taste of your blood for a change!”

Johnny frowned at the innocent looking screwdriver and glanced at Graham who was glaring at it with real hatred.

“Show me,” Johnny sighed and held out his hand for Graham’s. The damage wasn’t too bad, just a few little nicks and scratches, nothing that needed immediate attention. Johnny kissed each little wound gently before he let Graham have his hands back.

“Er… uprights, C, D, E and F… base, B… screws, H…” Graham muttered shifting uncomfortably in place.

“Right!” Johnny selected the pieces and fitted them together smoothly, tightening the screws without problem. His work jeans were looser than Graham’s so he didn’t have to fidget as much.

Graham continued to read the instructions and grouse about how easy Johnny made it all look. Johnny made soothing noises and tried not to laugh, as the pile of pieces diminished and the little structure grew. They did have to search for one piece, which turned up under the couch.

“Right! I can handle it from here!” Graham announced once the last screw was in place and Johnny had tightened everything up.

“Okay. I’ll make some more coffee and take the trash out,” Johnny stood up and stretched, smiling fondly at Graham’s determined expression. “Did you want to keep the box to store it in?”

“No way! This is staying assembled forever,” Graham shuddered, “We’ll find another box for storage.”

“Okay. Just thought I’d ask,” Johnny grinned and gathered up the packaging from the couch. “I let you get on with it. I think I’ll have a shower while the coffee is brewing.”

“You could wait until I’ve done and then we can shower together and save hot water,” Graham glanced up at him through his lashes.

“Okay. I’ll wait for the shower,” Johnny grinned, “But I don’t think it saves any hot water…”

“It does in principle,” Graham winked at him, “And it is fun!”

“Can’t argue that one!” Johnny made a quick exit before he gave in to the temptation to pounce on Graham there and then.

He took the trash out and made the coffee. Graham was still ‘finishing off’. Johnny left him his coffee and got out of the room quickly. No way could he sit there and watch Graham’s ass wiggle in the air as he worked without doing something about the provocation.

He poked about in the kitchen for a while. He appreciated Graham trying to surprise him. Maybe he should do something for Graham? Some sort of surprise that didn’t take too long to set up? Ah! Yes that was the perfect idea!

“I’ve done!” Graham sighed dramatically, wilting in the kitchen doorway some time later, “You can come and see your completed surprise now. Not that it is much of a surprise anymore. I wanted to have it ready when you got home. I had Plans…”

“You want me to go out in the hall and come back in?” Johnny grinned and hugged his moping lover.

“No. I’m too tired and fed up with the whole thing,” Graham groused, letting Johnny lead him to the living room with an arm around his waist, “It’s all gone a bit flat now.”

“I’m sure we can fix that,” Johnny muttered, stopping them in the doorway of the now darkened living room, “It is beautiful. And so are you. Thank you for getting it for me.”

“It does look pretty good now, doesn’t it? I wanted to get you one like we saw…” Graham relaxed against Johnny, the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree painting interesting shadows across his face.

“This one is even better. It looks great,” Johnny told him and kissed him, long and wet, “You want to tell me about the Plans you had?”

“I was going to seduce you in front of the tree while you were awestruck by my genius,” Graham butted his head against Johnny’s shoulder.

“Sounds like a good plan to me!” Johnny hugged him tighter, “How about I seduce you in front of the tree as you are worn out from setting up my surprise? To show my gratitude and appreciation?”

“That might work,” Graham admitted as Johnny pulled him into the now tidy living room.

“I think I can convince you,” Johnny murmured into Graham’s hair and tugged him down to the carpet in front of the tree. “Just lay back and let me work!”

“I think I can manage that,” Graham raised his arms and let Johnny peel his top off before laying down.

“Here,” Johnny tucked a cushion under his head and kissed him before pulling back to study the effect. Perfect. Graham looked slightly dazed, his eyes dark and heavy lidded, his damp lips catching the light from the tree. The tree lights illuminated one side of his body and left the other side dark and mysterious. Johnny’s surprise, now set up on a low stand under the tree branches, spread gentle golden light across Graham’s hips showing just how uncomfortable his jeans must be. Johnny licked his lips and reached out to remedy that. He could picture how much better Graham would look with that golden light against pale skin and dark curling hair.

Graham was watching Johnny’s hands smooth over the denim and undo his fly. He sighed in pleasure as the unpleasant restriction of the denim was replaced by Johnny’s large warm hand. His hips thrust upwards and his cock throbbed. Johnny smiled and glanced up at his surprise. Graham’s eyes followed his.

“Eeep!” Graham was suddenly pushing Johnny’s hands away and trying to make his jeans do up.

“What-?” Johnny blinked and frowned at Graham wondering what he had done wrong.

“It’s… I can’t… We can’t… Not with them… Not right… Can’t…” Graham babbled holding his jeans together with one hand and waving at the beautifully lit Nativity scene with the other.

“Oh.” Johnny bit his lip and looked from the skilfully carved wooden figures to his delightfully sculpted, spluttering lover. And then he fell back on the floor laughing.

“Shut up!” Graham smacked him on the shoulder, “It isn’t funny! I can’t! Not with them watching!”

Johnny just laughed harder.


Part Two

A Reward for Graham

Johnny was still laughing when he scooped Graham off the floor and carried him away from the judgmental painted eyes of the Nativity figures. He set Graham down across their bed and whisked his jeans off, still grinning widely.

Graham was still flushed and grumbling, but his enthusiasm, and his cock, were no longer flagging. He sprawled across the bed and watched Johnny watch him. One day he would get used to how much it aroused him to just have Johnny look at him – maybe in thirty or forty years time.

“What?” Johnny had caught the fleeting expression of amusement.

“Just wondering if you’ll still look at me like that when I’m old and wrinkly,” Graham stretched and deliberately tensed his muscles just so that he could watch Johnny’s eyes be dragged away from his own. Johnny licked his lips absently and Graham groaned, “And wondering if I’ll still get an instant hard-on when you do…”

“I like looking at you,” Johnny muttered, peeling off his shirt slowly, “I like thinking about where I am going to touch you…” He unbuttoned his jeans and let the zip part. “What I am going to do to you…” The jeans slid down his thighs to puddle around his ankles. “Which bit of you to taste first…” He stepped out of the jeans and stood between Graham’s parted legs.

“Yesss…” Graham hissed. He let himself do some looking. He loved Johnny’s heavily muscled body. He loved watching him strip. It was something he didn’t get to see very often because Johnny usually ripped his clothes off while driving Graham wild with his mouth or hands – unless it was Graham doing the ripping and the driving mad.

“Yes.” Johnny agreed with a sultry grin, “Maybe I should check you for wrinkles now…” One knee slid onto the bed between Graham’s thighs, “Just so I can tell when there are any new ones…” His body arched over Graham’s, muscles bunching as he hung there above him keeping their bodies apart as he brushed his lips along Graham’s jaw.

“No wrinkles here,” his breath ghosted over Graham’s neck and stirred the hair around his ear. “These have to go,” he muttered and plucked the now silent headphones away, dropping them off the foot of the bed.

The faint sound of Christmas carols could still be heard from the living room. But it was the more primal music of rushing blood and pounding hearts that was being listened to in the bedroom, waiting for the addition of the wordless vocals of passion and the riffs of sliding skin.

Johnny’s mouth explored Graham’s face and neck without finding any wrinkles. Graham tried to do some explorations of his own but Johnny caught his hands and pressed them to the comforter.

“Just lay back and enjoy,” he kissed Graham deeply, tongues sliding together. “This is for you and I need to concentrate if I’m going to find any wrinkles.”

Graham sighed but relaxed and let Johnny have his way. Next time it would be different. Maybe then it would be Johnny spread out for Graham to pleasure. Or if not next time then sometime soon. It had taken a while but he had learned to accept these times without a pressing need to ‘give as good as he got’ immediately. He was Johnny’s and Johnny was his. They had time to enjoy each other. Time to indulge in long drawn out foreplay, or a fast, frantic coupling, as the mood took them.

“That’s good,” Johnny praised, as he felt Graham’s surrender. “Just let me play with my best present ever…”

His lips and tongue moved slowly back down Graham’s neck nibbling, sucking and licking. Graham moaned softly and shivered as all of his most sensitive spots received attention. He might have taught Johnny to read the written word but he had nothing to do with Johnny’s innate talent at reading his body. Maybe Johnny could teach him that wondrous skill, Graham thought, before his brain slipped into a less articulate mode thanks to the pleasure that Johnny was bathing him in with every brush of fingers, lips and tongue.

Johnny listened to the litany of sighs and moans he drew from Graham’s willing body. He responded to every shift in muscle, skin and tone of voice. He immersed himself in Graham letting the scent, the taste, the feel of his lover soak into him and narrow the universe to this one point. Graham had given him words but more vital than that he had given himself to Johnny. And that was a gift that Johnny could never forget or repay.

He worked his way down Graham’s body, worshiping every inch of skin. Re-visiting every sensitive spot he had mapped, searching for more, and basking in the whimpers and moans his journey produced. Reducing Graham to wordless pleasure made him feel very good indeed. His own need was easily put aside when he could revel in Graham’s and stoke it higher.

By the time Johnny’s tongue traced the length of Graham’s twitching cock, Graham was almost sobbing with arousal. His breath hitched around keening moans of need. Shivers ran over his skin as muscles bunched and writhed helplessly. His hands scrabbled at the comforter, unable to grip, unable to control the movements. Graham’s eyes were fixed helplessly on Johnny’s head. He could not think. He could only feel. The immensity of that feeling took away every last shred of him and left only need.

Johnny pressed an open mouthed kiss to the tip of Graham’s cock and teased the weeping slit with the very tip of his tongue. Graham’s body arched and shuddered beneath him. He smiled and rolled his eyes up to find Graham staring at him, face flushed, eyes wide and dark. His mouth was moist and swollen, slack with pleasure. Johnny’s smile widened and he held Graham’s pleasure drunk gaze as he slowly opened his lips and slid them down the throbbing length. He slid one arm across Graham’s hips and one leg across his thighs, holding him captive for the long, slow movement of lips and tongue and throat. His lips met springy hair and his nose nuzzled the crease between thigh and torso. He stayed there feeling Graham swelling against his tongue. Feeling the helpless twitching of hips that longed to thrust but no longer had the coordination.

He swallowed deliberately and watched Graham’s eyes roll back in his head. Then he pulled back as slowly as he had gone down, sucking hard to increase the friction against the hot velvet skin. He could feel Graham’s balls tighten and draw up, rasping against the stubble on his chin. He held the head of Graham’s cock in his mouth and bathed it thoroughly with his tongue. Graham screamed. Johnny bobbed his head, working that hot sensitive length fast and hard, letting the pulses of Graham’s climax pour down his throat and fill his mouth before swallowing him to the root once more.

He drew his mouth back up, milking the last uneven pulses and sucking gently to make sure that he did not miss a drop. He spilled the softening flesh against Graham’s belly and kissed the head gently before moving upwards to cover Graham’s trembling body with his own and claim his waiting lips. He held him tight until the shudders eased, pressing soft kisses to his temple.

Johnny pulled the comforter over them, and rolled to pull Graham on top of him once the worst of the trembling passed and he didn’t need to be held as tightly any more. He smiled contentedly at the ceiling. Graham was a limp and boneless weight against his chest, head tucked into the crook of his neck, asleep or unconscious from an excess of pleasure. Johnny felt a thrill of love and power. He had reduced Graham to this and enjoyed every minute of it.

Johnny was dozing lightly some time later when Graham’s lips pressed against his neck.

“I’ll have to surprise you more often,” Graham’s voice was hoarse and slurred, “If I am going to get rewarded like this.”

“You surprise me every day,” Johnny nuzzled his hair, “Just by being here. That deserves all the rewards I can think of!”

“I love it when you get all mushy,” Graham breathed and Johnny felt Graham’s lips curve into a smile against his neck.

“It’s the season for mush,” Johnny let his hand drift down and cup Graham’s ass for a moment, before he pinched it.

“Ow!” Graham’s head shot up and he glared at Johnny, “What was that for?”

“My patented cure for mushiness!” Johnny grinned.

“I wasn’t the one being mushy,” Graham protested rubbing the sore spot. “You were!”

“Shhh. Don’t tell everyone! You’ll ruin my street cred!” Johnny whispered, looking around as though they might have gained an audience in their bedroom. “Mush is catching and I have saved you from it!”

“Hmf.” Graham tried to glare at him but couldn’t stop the expression melting into something softer. “You turned me into mush, so I think it is a bit late to try and save me!”

“But you turn into such hot mush,” Johnny grinned, “And I love it!”

“I love you and the fact that you can turn me into mush,” Graham smiled back at him.

“I love you too,” Johnny could say those words easily now, “And I wouldn’t object to you having a go at turning me into mush, if you can. Now you are awake!”

“Was that a challenge?” Graham’s eyes narrowed.

“Nah. More a hope…” Johnny tightened his arms, “But I don’t really need anything at the moment apart from you here in my arms.”

“Aww.” Graham kissed him, “You have terminal mushiness and I love it.”

“I’ll just have to keep my mouth occupied so that the mush doesn’t keep escaping,” Johnny flushed slightly and kissed Graham again. He didn’t usually say all this stuff. He usually let his actions say it for him.

“Oh, no! I want to hear it!” Graham grinned with an evil glint in his eyes. “You just lay back and tell me mushy stuff and I’ll reward you for it!”



“Like the reading?”

“Oh, yeah!”


They laughed and rolled across the bed as Johnny tried to think up the mushiest things to say and Graham supplied the rewards he thought each deserved.

Dinner was very late that evening – unless you counted passion’s music as the food of love.


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