Johnny and Graham Act Out

NC-17, m/m smut and disrespect of academic endeavour

Johnny flipped through the channels as he thought about the program he had just watched. It was Sunday afternoon and he felt restless. Graham was working on some report or other, the clacking of his keyboard an irregular background noise as Johnny watched TV. Johnny could think of a whole lot of more interesting things they could be doing. But Graham wanted to get his report done and it was important to him; so Johnny flicked through the channels looking for something to occupy him until Graham was finished.

There had been some interesting ideas in the program that had caught his attention for a while. He thought about them carefully, which only made him more restless. Maybe he could read something to Graham, that would take care of his current problem. But he should really let Graham write his important report in peace. Graham gave him so much time and attention already that it was greedy to want more. Johnny sighed and shifted position on the couch. The trouble was that he wanted all of Graham’s attention. That was really pathetic, he hunched his shoulders and glanced across the room to where Graham was typing furiously totally caught up in his report, how stupid was it to be jealous of writing?

But Graham had been typing for hours, one part of his mind whined selfishly, and he was bored. And horny. A scene from the program came back to him again. He was sure he could use the idea. He was sure it would work. It was just that he wasn’t sure that he should do it right now, not while Graham was writing his important report. Johnny watched Graham frown at his screen, reading glasses perched sexily on the end of his nose, before typing frantically again. He dragged his eyes away and focussed on the TV again.

He made himself watch a news show. His mind was wandering, mainly to Graham and how sexy he looked with his reading glasses, when one item caught his attention. He blinked and sat up straighter. That was very interesting. Extremely interesting. His eyes cut back to Graham who was tapping one finger against his lips in a most… what was the word? Provocative, that was it, Johnny remembered triumphantly from the previous evening’s reading lesson. Graham was tapping his lips in a provocative way, but all his attention was on that damned report.  As if the report could appreciate those wide pouting lips like Johnny could. Graham might kiss the stupid report when it was finished but the report wouldn’t kiss him back. Not like Johnny wanted to. Enough was enough. Graham had spent far too much time on that report. He needed to take a break. A lingering sense of guilt kept Johnny on the couch for a few minutes more. He could just make some coffee and a sandwich. Graham would stop for a few minutes and chat while he ate and drank. That report was very important to him and he really wanted to get it finished. Maybe he would get angry with Johnny for interrupting him; and if Graham got angry with him, Johnny knew that he would be feeling horny for a lot longer than writing that report would take. When Graham got angry he stayed angry for a long time. A very long time, Johnny winced remembering the last time with painful clarity. So was he really prepared to risk that? Just because he was bored, horny and being pathetic?

Maybe he should just take up writing too, Johnny thought mournfully, then Graham could spend hours watching him type. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea. Graham loved writing and reading. He had been on at Johnny to try and write more. Apparently shopping lists didn’t count. So…

Research was vital to good writing Graham said. Johnny really wanted to do good writing, so he should do some research, shouldn’t he? All he had to do was walk across the room and…

His lips curled in a predatory smile that would have alerted Graham, if Graham hadn’t been so totally focussed on the words on his screen and oblivious to his lover. Johnny had a plan. He still felt slightly guilty, but this was for Graham’s good as well as his own, he told himself.

“Wanna cup of coffee?” Johnny asked loudly enough to disturb Graham from his report writing.

“Yeah, sure. That would be good,” Graham muttered glancing over the top of his glasses towards where Johnny sat on the couch.

“Okay,” Johnny faked a yawn as he stood up. Graham’s eyes stayed on him as he stretched. Johnny hid his grin and reached his finger tips another inch towards the ceiling, feeling his pants slip down a little further as his top rode higher. Graham licked his lips, eyes fixed on the span of bare skin left exposed. Johnny relaxed from the stretch and resisted laughing at the pout on his lover’s face as his t-shirt dropped to the waistband of his pants, once again covering his body. He sauntered into the kitchen and made the coffee. The typing resumed after a couple of minutes. Johnny’s eyes narrowed, he would soon put a stop to that!

“How’s it going?” Johnny leaned over Graham’s shoulder to put a mug of coffee on the table, making sure to brush against as much of his lover as he could in the process. The screen was full of small print and Johnny made a face at it from behind Graham. Take that stupid report, he told his rival silently as Graham shivered slightly at the contact.

“It’s going well,” Graham smiled proudly at the report, even as he leaned back into the warm body behind him and picked up his coffee to take a sip. “I think I’ve got it beaten now. I’m really pleased with what I’ve been able to get done today.”

“That’s good,” Johnny glared at the screen and sipped his own coffee. “I was thinking about trying to write something myself. If I can borrow your computer when you’ve finished?”

“Really?” Graham twisted his head to grin up at him. “That’s a great idea. Of course you can borrow it! What are you going to write?”

“I did think that we could make it a bit more interesting,” Johnny said slowly, resisting the urge to bend down and cover Graham’s lips with his own. “I thought maybe, if I write something, you could read it to me? Kinda like when I read to you?”

“Sure,” Graham agreed easily but there was a hint of suspicion on his face as he studied his lover. “You are up to something aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Johnny admitted easily, giving in to the temptation and bending down to kiss that oh so tempting mouth. Graham tasted of coffee and Graham, Johnny hummed his approval before pulling away reluctantly. “You just drink your coffee and finish your report. I need to think about what I want to write a bit more.”

“Okay,” Graham sounded a little bit disappointed, Johnny thought hopefully, that was a good sign. “Have I missed anything good?” Graham nodded towards the TV that was still flickering behind them.

“Not much,” Johnny shifted slightly against the chair and took another mouthful of coffee, hating to wash the taste of Graham from his mouth. But if all went according to plan it wouldn’t be for long and there wouldn’t be any coffee interfering with his favourite flavour then. “I’ll give you the highlights later, when you aren’t so busy.”

“Sorry to ignore you so much…” Graham glanced at the screen and back up at Johnny as he finished his coffee, “It’s just that…”

“It is important to you,” Johnny said easily and stole another kiss. “I know that. You get back to it. I need to do a bit of research.”

“Research?” Graham blinked at him.

“Yeah. You always say research is important.” Johnny grinned and reached across Graham’s shoulder for the empty mug. “You just carry on and I’ll try not to bother you again until you are finished.”

“You aren’t a bother,” Graham protested pulling him down for another kiss.

“Report!” Johnny reminded him with a grin as he pulled away to take their mugs back out to the kitchen. Graham sighed but let him go. The typing resumed before Johnny had finished rinsing the cups out. He lingered in the kitchen for a few moments to let Graham get back into his work.

“What are you doing?” Graham demanded as Johnny’s hands slid up the inside of his thighs.

“Research,” Johnny replied from his cramped position under the table. He eased Graham’s legs wider apart and wriggled his way between them to get into position.


“Yeah, research,” Johnny grinned as he traced patterns on the worn denim, stroking up and down the seams of Graham’s jeans. “You carry on with your report.”

“Yeah, right,” Graham muttered shifting slightly in his chair to give Johnny better access. “As though I’m going to be able to concentrate while you are doing research in that area.”

“I can stop and do it later,” Johnny offered as his fingers traced lightly over the sensitive crease between leg and torso. He was fairly sure that the rapidly altering contours in front of him made it a safe bet that Graham wouldn’t ask him to stop.

“No. No, I know how important research is,” Graham said breathlessly, “I wouldn’t want to interfere with you researching.”

“Thank you,” Johnny said politely, ghosting his fingers across the growing bulge in Graham’s pants. “You just get on with your report and leave me to it.”

“Yeah,” Graham replied, all of his attention focussed on his lover hidden beneath the table and what those talented hands were doing. Johnny wasn’t usually this subtle when he was horny, which was most of the time. Normally he would just kiss and grope until Graham gave in to the desire that raged between them. Graham had been expecting the kisses with the coffee to lead to more; and had been disappointed when they hadn’t. Or maybe they had, he suppressed a whimper as his fly was opened and those teasing fingers moved that much closer to bare skin.

“You aren’t typing. Am I distracting you? I wouldn’t want to do that,” Johnny said lifting his hands away from Graham.

“Ah! No,” Graham struggled to play the game and not demand that Johnny continue to touch him. “I was just thinking about what to write next.”

“Oh, good,” Johnny’s voice said from beneath the table, “Because if I am distracting you I’ll stop right now.”

“No, no,” Graham replied desperately, “You carry on. I’m fine.” He banged a few keys to prove it and Johnny’s hands went back to teasing him. Graham shuddered in relief and wriggled slightly in the chair trying to move his jeans further down his hips.

Johnny grinned and smoothed the denim down a couple of inches, but not completely out of the way. He stroked across the soft cotton briefs that Graham insisted on wearing, pleased with the resulting twitch. He edged the cotton down slowly, teasing both of them as he caressed the bare skin he was revealing. Every time Graham stopped typing, Johnny stopped touching. The typing was a bit erratic by the time the briefs were down as far as they would go with the jeans still in the way. Johnny smiled wickedly and trailed his fingers up and down the hard length straining up out of the bunched cloth. He thought he heard a whimper before there was a burst of enthusiastic clacking from the keyboard. He rewarded that by rubbing the weeping slit and stoking the moisture over the throbbing head. That produced a definite whimper. More moisture beaded eagerly and Johnny leant forward to lick it away, letting the taste of his lover spread across his tongue. That produced a groan.

“I’m not disturbing you from your report, am I?” Johnny asked, forcing himself to pull back slightly and wait for an answer. He was rapidly losing interest in tormenting Graham in favour of just touching and tasting him.

“No,” Graham moaned and hit a few more keys to demonstrate that he was not in the least distracted, even if his eyes were shut and he was shaking with need.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to interfere with your concentration,” Johnny grinned briefly without looking up and licked the full length slowly before opening his mouth and sucking as much of Graham in as he could. Graham’s hips bucked helplessly as he was surrounded by wet heat and incredibly arousing suction. They both silently cursed the awkward position. Graham hit a few more random letters and was rewarded with a swirling lick and more suction. Johnny wrapped his hand around the base of Graham’s cock, adjusting the angle so he could work it without banging his head on the table. He bobbed his head slowly up and down. Pulling his lips to the very tip and darting his tongue into the sensitive slit before sucking and sliding back down the length until he met his own hand. He rubbed the fingers of his other hand gently across the bunched cotton, teasing the taut balls still hidden beneath it. Graham moaned and wriggled, trying to get more space, more touching and more sucking. Johnny pumped him in time with his mouth and burrowed his other hand under the cotton to cup and stroke without the barrier. Graham spread his legs wider and lifted his hips, all attempts at pretending to type forgotten as he concentrated on the sensations Johnny could produce so easily.

Johnny let one long finger slip behind Graham’s balls to stroke the smooth skin there firmly and tease his lover’s entrance. He loved the sounds that Graham made this close to orgasm; the frantic movements; and the addictive taste of his lover. He had lube in his pocket that he had intended to use but he couldn’t tear either hand away for long enough to reach it. The feel of Graham in his mouth, the throbbing pulse against his tongue and lips and the erratic thrusting of Graham’s hips kept him fixed in place. His own desire was building rapidly, but his attention was fully on pleasuring Graham rather than his own needs. He felt Graham’s balls draw up against his hand and increased the pace and pressure until he was rewarded with the pulsing flood of release filling his mouth. He swallowed happily filling himself with the flavour of Graham and sucking him clean.

He finally lifted his head and surveyed the results of his research. Graham was sprawled bonelessly in the chair, arms hanging to the sides, reading glasses askew, legs splayed and panting softly. Johnny smiled in satisfaction and licked his lips. He was still hard and aching but seeing Graham so thoroughly satisfied was nearly enough to make him come. But that hadn’t been part of the plan, only a hopeful bonus. For now he could wait. It was worth a little discomfort to reduce his lover to this state. That damn report couldn’t do this. He drew his hands away reluctantly and began to tuck his lover back into his clothes gently.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Graham demanded opening his eyes and glaring at Johnny.

“Tidying up now that my research is done?” Johnny suggested, but his hands stilled.

“Half done you mean,” Graham complained, “Get the damn jeans off and finish it properly!”

“If you insist,” Johnny grinned happily and did as he was told. It was bonus time after all! Or was that something about good research being its own reward?

Disclaimer: All stories on this site are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No part of any story found on this site may be reproduced or reposted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

© Copyright Mara Ismine 2007

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