Free Reads

This is a collection of my short stories. Some of them are very short, some of them are not. Most of them feature male/male pairings, explicit sex scenes and strong language. The genres could all be loosely described as fantasy/romance; although some have contemporary settings and some are more exotic.

Johnny and Graham – Johnny and Graham were created for a friend who was doing an education course, and complained that first reader books were boring. Graham has found a way of making learning to read more interestingfor ex-con Johnny.

They have given rise to a number of short stories.

Humour and sex.

Johnny and Graham Do Some Reading – 960 words

Johnny and Graham Act Out – 2707 words

Johnny and Graham Have a Picnic – 1096 words

Johnny and Graham Have a Presentation – 1818 words

Johnny and Graham Celebrate Christmas – 2 parts 2267 & 1749 words

Sand Washed Memories – Can young love last? Will a date made five years ago be kept? An old competition entry. 1695 words

Follow The Instructions – Two characters following the instructions… conversation only! 449 words

In A Stable – Irreverent use of Christian icons. A Christmas story. 620 words

Working Late Tonight? – A friend wondered about all those scenes of hot sex in the office… who has a desk clear enough to fit a couple of bodies on? 1027 words

Text to Text – Did you ever get an annoying text message from someone you don’t know? What if you got to know them? 3359 words

Drifting – A short ficlet. 478 words

Day’s End – Fantasy – one day it might grow into something bigger. 2461 words

Of Men and Mice Rey is not having a good night. His prey has been snatched by a barn owl and Rey is not amused. Like any good fox he knows where to scavenge for his dinner before heading home to his lover, James, who has an apology to make. 3000 words – Entry from All Romance Just One Bite competition 2011.

Chance Meeting – Andrew is taking a few minutes for a cup of coffee when he finds Sebastian. What are the odds of meeting your first love once more at a conference center? The odds of meeting for drinks leading to something more aren’t nearly as high, and when Sebastian’s hotel has double booked him, something more is almost guaranteed. After years apart is there any chance for more than just one night? 5000 words. Previously published by Torquere in 2010

Torquere Prompt Fics – Ficlets from one hundred words upwards. Various word counts.

2010 Oct & Nov – 6,000+ words

2011 17,000+ words

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