UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet 2014

17 06 2014

This year’s Meet was at Bristol and has just finished. The good thing about the ending is that we spend it discussing what was good about this year and what we’d like to see next year. That always makes the ending a positive thing because you can leave with thoughts of next year.

But back to this year.

I was part of a ‘meet and greet’ table on Friday afternoon to allow arriving delegates to register and get together for the Friday evening. I passed on the evening’s entertainment as I knew I would be too tired to appreciate it after a long drive to Bristol. But I did get the chance to say hello to lots of old friends and meet some new ones.

I hung around at the Bristol Marriott Royal hotel until everyone had left for the night’s entertainment and then headed back to my less luxurious lodgings. I was hosting the Torquere LJ on Friday and managed to get in another couple of posts before going to bed.

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