31 12 2013

2013. Not one of my better years.


My second full length novel was released – Jobless in January: Johnny Smith – after three years of dithering and fiddling on my part. I’m really happy with the final product and it is available in print as well.

The short sequel, Something Worth Fighting For, followed a couple of months later. I love this angsty little piece – Johnny and Charlie might be in their thirties physically, but they are both a lot younger mentally, especially when it comes to relationships.


UK Meet in Manchester – had a wonderful time there and next year we’re going to Bristol. I was thinking about Manchester the other day when Alan Turing was granted a Royal Pardon (more than sixty years too late). I hope that Alan’s statue was suitably turned out for the pardon – gold lippy, eye shadow and a tiara perhaps? Maybe a tinsel boa?


Brilliant holiday in Wales – and we’re going back there again next summer!


The bad bits:

Employment or lack of it woes. I have been working for most of the year, which is the upside, but it wasn’t in a good contract. At least that finished at the end of October, and I’m job hunting for the New Year.

The work situation wasn’t improved by stress, depression and fluctuating blood sugar – the three are related, but I haven’t figured out any reliable causal order. Hopefully an adjustment in medication will reduce these unpleasant side effects.



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