UK Meet Manchester 2013

16 07 2013

What can I say? It was fantastic and I spent four days talking to anyone who’d stay still long enough or only walked slowly.

Julie Bozza has written about most of the panels I attended and done it much better than I could so check out what she has to say here

Stevie Carroll, RJ Scott and JL Merrow have all talked about the guided walk many of us went on. The wonderful John Ryan took a group around each evening.

Stevie’s words here
RJ Scott here
JL Merrow here

I went on the final (Sunday) walk and Alan Turing was wearing green eye shadow. I didn’t get a picture of the Beacon of Hope as I was trying not to take pictures of the people and there was a group enjoying beer and conversation sitting at the base of the Beacon. I wasn’t entirely comfortable about going on the guided walk (after I’d booked it) as it felt like going to the zoo or maybe a safari park (where the inmates are in a more natural environment) so I was particularly careful not to get any of the people in the pictures. The walk wasn’t like that at all and was about the buildings, history and the area – not the others enjoying a warm evening by the canal.

Manchester reminded me of London – maybe that was the black cabs – but I didn’t feel uncomfortable walking back to the hotel alone in the evening which I would have done in London. Not that I saw a lot of the city apart from the daily trek to Canal Street for dinner and the view out of my hotel window – it was a very big window with a very big view.

It was great to see everyone again and make new friends. Mara’s gang had a few new recruits outside the main entrance and we provided a service to other Meeters who knew they were coming back to the right hotel because we were there! 

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