Release Day!

27 02 2013

Today I’m celebrating the release of my second novel!

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Blurb: Johnny has spent thirty-two years trying to do what was expected of him. When he finds himself divorced, overweight, living with his parents again, and losing the job he’s had since leaving school, it’s the wake-up call he needs to start taking charge of his life. It’s time to do what he wants — if only he could figure out just what that is.

Choosing to go looking for his brother Joey, who he hasn’t seen or spoken to for eight years, he follows a post mark on a Christmas card to the seaside town of Anwell-by-Sea. Joey isn’t that difficult to find and comes complete with boyfriend Dave, Dave’s Uncle Ed, and a rather large and very bad tempered arsehole called Charlie.

Johnny is happy to find Joey and enjoys meeting Dave and Uncle Ed; but he’s pretty glad to see the back of Charlie. Despite Charlie being an unpleasant git, Johnny can’t wait to get back to Anwell-by-Sea with his kids for an Easter break, and maybe he can make some progress on his to-do list by then, too.

Check it out here

As an added incentive all my titles at Torquere are 20% off this week.


Joey and Dave walked me downstairs and out of the front door. A pushbike shot into the driveway and pulled up in a spray of gravel just before plowing into us. Charlie glared at us from underneath a metallic green cycle helmet.

“What are you lot doing in the middle of the driveway?”

“Standing here just to get in your way, Charlie!” Joey snapped back without a pause.

“We were going to give Johnny directions back to the sea front,” Dave explained. “It’s easier from the road.”

“It’s easier to drive him than give him directions.” Charlie moved his glare to Dave.

“I wanted to walk. I need the exercise.”

I ignored Charlie’s snort, just like I was ignoring the clinging Lycra that was displaying all his muscles. The pushbike was giving me more ideas. I didn’t know where my old one was at home, or even if I still had it, but I could afford to buy a new one now. Cycling would help get me in shape and be a way to get to a job, if I found one.

“Johnny is trying to get back in shape,” Dave said. “I thought that maybe you could give him a few pointers?”

“And while you’re at it you could show him the way to the sea front,” Joey added.

“I suppose I could.” Charlie sighed loudly. “If he stops staring at my arse long enough to look where he’s going.”

“Your arse?” I turned my gaze to it and stared openly. “Very impressive I suppose, must’ve taken a lot of work to get it like that. Are those gel saddles any good? I’ve seen a lot of people with them and the adverts make them sound wonderful, but are they really any better than a decent saddle?” I lifted my eyes from the bike saddle and looked at Charlie innocently. I just prayed that I wouldn’t blush. I had been staring at his arse and wondering if the narrow saddle was as painful as it looked.

“I haven’t noticed that much difference.” Charlie shrugged and glared at me suspiciously. “I think it is a bit better. It came with the bike and I haven’t bothered changing it.”

“Can’t be too bad then.” I nodded. “Maybe I’ll try one and see for myself.”

I said goodbye to Joey and Dave, after agreeing to meet them the following evening.

It felt awkward walking along the road with Charlie looming beside me. It was even more awkward answering his barrage of questions about my height, weight, age and stuff. He was pushing his bike with one hand in the centre of the handle bars and making it look easy. I knew it wasn’t.

“You should get a complete physical before you start any intensive exercise.”

Charlie’s voice startled me. He had been quiet for some time after I finished answering his questions. I had been trying to pretend he wasn’t there, which was difficult given the size of him.

“I’ll draw you up a plan,” he continued. “If you stick to it for three months you’ll be in better shape than Joe.”

“I will?” I wasn’t sure that was possible. Joey looked in pretty good shape to me and he was six years younger, not to mention how seriously out of shape I was.

“If you stick to it.” Charlie nodded. “It won’t be easy,” he warned. “But if you have the will power it’ll produce results.”

“Okay. Thank you.” I was bristling slightly at the tone of his voice, especially when he mentioned will power.

“There’s the sea.” He pointed ahead of us.

“Then I can find my way from here.”

I watched the bike vanish around a corner and blinked a few times.

I shook my head and turned back toward the sea. It was starting to get dark and the wind seemed to be colder without Charlie’s bulk acting as a wind break. I walked faster. The sea front promenade was well lit, I shouldn’t have any problems finding my way back to the guest house.


To celebrate I’m offering a copy of the ebook to one lucky commenter. I’ll leave this open until next Wednesday 6th March and all you need do is say hello and leave a contact email to be in with a chance of winning.



6 responses

27 02 2013

Hello, & congrats!

1 03 2013
Mara Ismine

Thank you. Took me a while to remember how to approve this comment.

6 03 2013

Hello, and good luck with your new book! Secret blog–love it! Thanks.

6 03 2013
Mara Ismine

I’m not good at this promo stuff so the blog is sort of secret because I’m not sure what to do with it!

6 03 2013
Karl S

Thank you for another chance to put my name in the hat. I am enjoying the excerpts.

6 03 2013
Mara Ismine

Glad the excerpts are doing their job! 🙂

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