February Continues

10 02 2013

This has been a week of ups and downs. There I was all chipper and hopeful on the 1st, as well.

Naturally it started with the downs – Saturday 2nd Feb was a Very Bad Day. It was a working Saturday and I got told I wasn’t wanted on Monday – as this was by the tactless supervisor I didn’t focus too much on the ‘not wanted’ part and rationalised it as there was an audit on Tuesday in the other admin person’s area of expertise – she’d just had a week off and the audit had been arranged two hours after she left – so it made sense that she’d want to come in on Monday (when she wasn’t due back until Tuesday) and clear up after me to be ready for the audit.

I got home and switched on my laptop – it was running a bit slowly loading web pages, but got there in the end. I thought the router was playing up again and wandered off for a few hours of exciting RL stuff like grocery shopping. When I got back to the laptop it wasn’t running at all. The hard drive had given up the ghost. And I hadn’t backed it up…

Sunday was spent updating my old laptop which hadn’t been switched on since 2011 and grizzling.

Monday I called in a Computer Wizard to give me a professional opinion. While I was waiting for him to turn up I got a call from the agency to say I wasn’t wanted at work all week until Saturday – so much for my rationalising. After over two years working there I’d expected a little better than a call via the agency…

The Computer Wizard arrived and confirmed my diagnosis, but was hopeful that he’d be able to get my data back. He took the sick laptop away and left me with the old one. I was hopeful until I got an email later that night to say he couldn’t get anything from the old hard drive, did I still want him to fit a new drive and install Windows and Office for me? Yes was the short answer to that.

The week went by quite quickly all things considered as I applied for jobs and waited for the next disaster. On Wednesday I discovered that my main author email didn’t have anything in it from before Saturday even when I went online to check the main version. Outlook on the old computer had the box for ‘delete from server after 7 days’ checked for that account…

Fortunately that was only for that one account, although I lost a lot of important info from that one. I do have several email accounts feeding into Outlook and there are a couple where losing all messages wouldn’t have hurt so much.

Friday lunchtime I got a call asking if I’d be interested in a short term contract as a building site administrator – yes, gimme, gimme. I was ecstatic for half an hour or so while I waited for the call back that never came. That would have been so sweet to be able to go into work on Saturday knowing that if I was asked to work the following weekend I could tell them NO with a clear conscience.

I got the repaired laptop back on Friday afternoon and then went to work on Saturday for 6am – no mention of what’s going on or if they want me to work every Saturday or anything.

Two days later the computer side is going well. I’ve recovered most of my ebook library, reinstated thousands of emails (and deleted thousands more), and now just have programs to install. I’ve decided to take a break and do some enjoying instead.

Trawling through years of ebook purchases and emails has had its moments of interest – although mainly of the ‘it wasn’t that long ago was it?’ variety. There were some ‘I’d forgotten about that’ moments and some ‘I haven’t lost that, thank goodness’. It’s scary how many ebooks I’ve bought in the last two years and no way am I going to add up how much I’ve spent on them!

I suppose I should look on the bright side – at least I have plenty of time to restore my laptop to its normal cluttered state and try and recreate all the writing I lost.

Maybe I’m taking that old saying to extremes: “If you can’t be a shining example be a dire warning” or however it goes.  Do remember to back up your important files!



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