It’s 2013 already

1 01 2013

2013 is off to a good start – just after midnight I got a message from the lovely Andy Slayde to say I’d won an ebook and a pair of ugly Christmas socks on the Ugly Sock Blog Hop. I’ve never had an officially ugly pair of socks before.

I’ve spent some time today catching up with the New Year First Kisses on Kay Berrisford’s and Tara Lain’s blogs – they are featuring over 40 first kisses by different authors and giving away goodies as well. If you want to play too this is the archive page with links to all the posts:

It’s only six and a half months to the next UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet in Manchester and the booking details will be up soon. It is officially going to be an all weekend event this year – most of us have been there Friday evening to Sunday for the past couple of years anyway – it’ll be nice to have a bit more structure than ‘meet in the bar/lounge/breakfast room and natter’. Although the nattering is one of the best parts of the get together as not many of us get the chance to talk out loud about our passion for non-straight fiction. If you’ve been dithering about attending then keep an eye on this site:

In eight weeks I’ll have a new novel out with Torquere – Jobless in January: Johnny Smith – and I submitted the sequel yesterday after struggling to come up with a title. Jobless in January doesn’t really fit the events a year later in late Feb or early March, because Johnny has a job by then. The novel has a Happy For Now ending – Johnny still has a lot of sorting out to do in his life when it ends at Easter. The sequel takes place ten and a half months later when Johnny has got most of his life under control and working the way he wants it to. The first round edits on the novel are done and I’ll be getting the line edits in a few weeks.

Now that I’ve dumped Johnny from my to-do list I can move on to Shadow the direct sequel to Smoke which stalled at around 20K or maybe I might play with one of the shorter things in my Work In Progress folder – I have a list somewhere and I’ll have to dig it out.

It might be a good idea to work on a couple of things that might be suitable for the UK Meet anthology so they are ready to go when the submission call opens – doesn’t that sound terribly efficient? I do have a bittersweet historical story in that folder that might do if it stays short enough – not exactly a romance or happy ending though.

Or there is the one I meant to submit in 2012 that didn’t get finished in time (or finished at all) – those characters spend some time wandering in the woods with me most mornings. James fretting about where the dogs are – Rex and Twinkle in his case – and Ceddie checking out fallen trees he’d like to be bent over by James. That is a lot lighter and happy, but that also means it might be easier to find a home for it elsewhere.

Decisions, decisions. Catboy and wolfboy? Sad argricultural historic? Slutty dog owner?

At least the snow on WordPress should stop soon unless it’s virused its way into my cookies. It’s been driving me up the wall since it showed up in the Speak Its Name Advent Calender.

As I’ve been reading first kisses I’ll leave you with Johnny Smith’s first kiss from Charlie Munroe:

“You’re doing all right.”

“Really?” I turned the hysterical laughter bubbling up into a snort. I wasn’t sure I could stop laughing if I started.

“Really. You’re stressed and thinking too much…”

“And talking too much,” I interjected.

“And talking too much, but it’s been a pretty shit day, after all.” Charlie pointed out.

“Yeah. That about sums it up.” I stared across the sand to where the foam from the breaking waves caught the light from the promenade above.

“You going to be able to stop thinking about it?” Charlie asked after a moment’s silence.

“No, probably not.” I shook my head without taking my eyes off the waves.

“That’s what I thought.”

Charlie took hold of my shoulders and turned me around to face him. I looked up, mouth opening to ask a question. I forgot what the question was as his mouth closed over mine. It had been years since anyone had kissed me, but that was what Charlie was doing. I froze in shock as his lips molded to mine, breathing in the scent of his skin and feeling the warmth of his body so close to mine. The only points of contact were his hands on my shoulders and his lips on mine.

His mouth was gentle, his lips soft, surprising me in some dim corner of my mind, behind the shock. I’d expected him to be harsher, more demanding. Since when did I have expectations of how Charlie would kiss?

His tongue brushed across my top lip and I stopped thinking.

“Mm. I think that worked.” Charlie pulled away slowly and I could hear the amusement in his voice.

“What?” My voice croaked on the word. Why had he stopped kissing me? Sanity trickled slowly back into my head. Why had he started kissing me?

“Distraction.” Charlie steered me toward the steps and I stumbled up them with his hand at the small of my back.


“Are you going to claim that you aren’t distracted right now?”

“Er… No.”

Happy 2013!




2 responses

1 01 2013
Kay Berrisford

Happy New Year to you too – and thanks for mentioning our party 🙂 I enjoyed reading your kiss – and all the WIPs sound great 😀 Good luck! k x

1 01 2013
Mychael Black

Hehe! Here’s to a good 2013!!!

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