Half-past October

21 10 2012

The problem with having an author blog is what to write about when there hasn’t been anything writing related since the last post. Or even when there has been some writing but nothing significant to report.

Since I submitted Johnny Smith there has been no significant writing. I did dig out what I have of Shadow and read through it – only 20K not the 50K I thought I’d reached – I filled in the [insert correct term here] blanks that I’d put in during last year’s NaNoWriMo and maybe added a paragraph or two; so that means an overall reduction in word count.

I’ve had this week off work and did intend to spend the week in Wales relaxing and maybe writing. RL put paid to that plan (vet bills and car bills) so I’ve spent the week ‘doing stuff’. On a RL front I’ve achieved a fair amount (mother’s bungalow is up for sale after ten years of faffing around) but nothing particularly interesting to write about; unless you’d really like to know that I cleared six wheelbarrow loads of brambles yesterday and my hands are aching badly from using the long handled loppers for so many hours; or that laying carpet tiles takes longer than I anticipated (not to mention how long it takes to wipe down kitchen cabinet doors)?

I have been working my way through the UK Meet Swag Stick before collapsing into bed and trying to ignore the jealous pangs about those at GRL in Albuquerque (bet they don’t get a wonderful swag stick there). Most of my reading this week has been from the generous collection of wonderful short stories provided by Bruin Fisher. I can’t share most of the things on the Swag Stick but Bruin’s stories are available on his website if you fancy a short read – not romance as such but enjoyable with mostly happy endings – that mostly is there because I seem to remember a not-so-happy ending but it might not have been a Bruin story. Bruin’s website: http://www.bruinscave.org.uk/

Have a good week!




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