Johnny Smith is done!

7 10 2012

Well, maybe not completely done but done enough to submit to a publisher. I’ve just pressed the send button on the email sending Johnny out there into the wide world without me. Now it is a matter of waiting to see if he is accepted and deciding where to send him next in case he isn’t.

This is one of those good/bad moments of being a writer. Finishing a manuscript is a big high, tinged with sadness because it is finished and those characters who have been intimate companions for however long are now going to take a back seat. The rush of it being finished does outweigh the sadness most of the time. Johnny has been around for a long time though. The first draft was finished last November and I’ve been whining and whinging about the edits all year while not getting on with them. Johnny was actually started in November 2009 and had been sitting on the back shelf since then. So letting him go is a big wrench.

All that doesn’t take into account the waiting for the publisher to say yay or nay. The panic about whether they’ll see what a wonderful person Johnny is and how much he needs to be out there.

That panic won’t go away for quite a while. Once I find a publishing home for Johnny (and have done even more edits) then the panic will switch to readers and reviewers – will they love Johnny? Will they hate him? Or what’s maybe worse will they find him ‘meh’?

The only ‘cure’ for the panic is the distraction of another set of characters…

I have plenty to choose from. I’m off to consult the list of unfinshed projects and there are some unstarted ones on there too. November approaches and I have to decide if I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. Or I could just stare blankly out of the window…



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