A Week Ago I Was in Brighton

23 09 2012

… and fast asleep.

The days have flashed by since I got back, but I’m still smiling whenever I think about being surrounded by other LGTBQ writers and readers. I’m not sure I had a meaningful conversation about writing even though it felt like I didn’t stop talking from the time I got to the hotel until I got home again.

I’ve just had a new author-experience that reminded me of the UK Meet. One of the topics discussed was checking contracts and asking for clauses to be changed if you didn’t agree with them. I just requested my first clause change – a technical hiccup had switched a six month extension date to something over 300,000 years. Not quite what was discussed, but enough to remind me.

I was out galivanting again today – family meal, drive an hour and a half, two and a half hours at restaurant, drive an hour and a half home again. I have been reminded that dogs are always happy to see you when you get home, but if you arrive with pork crackling (crispy roasted skin) then they are absolutely ecstatic to see you.

Sometimes people can be that easy to please! 🙂



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